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Ask How-To Geek: Unmountable Boot Volumes, Opening Word Files in Works, and also Removing Bootloaders

Every week we dip right into our mailbag and answer your pressing technology inquiries. Today we take a look at unmountable Windows volumes, opening up Word files in Works, as well as getting rid of a haywire bootloader.

Solving the Unmountable Boot Volume Error in Windows

Precious How-To Geek,

When I boot my Windows XP machine I obtain a blue screen of death that says “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME” and afterwards nothing occurs. I can not boot right into Windows. What can I do? Is this something I can repair myself?


Blue Screen Watching in Boise

Dear Blue Screen,

There are three principle causes for that blue display error code: the file system is damaged and can not be placed, you’re making use of a 40 wire IDE cable as opposed to an 80 cable IDE cord, and/or you’ve set the BIOS to require UDMA drive mode. Since it seems like this simply started out of the blue (you really did not discuss any kind of cable switching or messing around in the BIOS), there’s a really high opportunity that your Master Boot Record has ended up being corrupted. Fortunately it’s dead simple to deal with.

Put your Windows XP setup disc into your computer (or if you don’t have the setup disc download this healing console disk ISO as well as shed it). Whether you’re using the official disk or the healing disk we connected to, push the R button when the “Welcome to Windows” display pops up. If you’re using Windows XP Home it won’t request a password if you’re using Windows XP Pro it will request for your management password. At the recuperation console command punctual type CHKDSK/ R and then leave your computer system alone. It’ll check your disk drive with Check Disk and then repair bad markets (as well as your Master Boot Record). It will conveniently take 30-45 mins so just leave it alone for some time. When you come back everything should be gold, bulge the disc and reboot your maker.

Opening Up Word Documents in Microsoft Works

Precious How-To Geek,

My computer system has Windows 7 64-bit. I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer system I have Microsoft Works. Is it possible to open Word records in Microsoft Works?


Waiting for Word in Wisconsin

Dear Waiting,

Although you can try a few of the many online convertors around they aren’t extremely hassle-free (as they commonly disappear over night as well as need you to send your potentially delicate documents to a 3rd event for conversion). Luckily you do not have to mess around with them as Microsoft has a Office Compatibility Pack. Download and also set up the Pack and also you’ll have the ability to open.DOC,. DOCX, and.DOCM data in Works. You can download it and also read about the Compatibility Pack below.

Removing Dual/Triple Bootloaders for Simple Right-to-Windows Booting

Dear How-To Geek,

I unsuccessfully tried to mount Mac OS X Snow leopard on a PC (Pretty stupid effort, I know …) [Ed. We wouldn’t call it foolish, perhaps you simply required to do a little bit extra equipment research study!] Well earlier I saw an overview showing how to eliminate boot alternatives/selecting default OS too … And I was wondering if you individuals could make an overview to aid me with fixing my bootloader or provide me some suggestions just how to choose Windows 7 as default starting system?

Best regards,

Dual Boot Meltdown in Delaware

It appears like we have a two-for-one special this week! Since your OS X setup was a failing as well as you do not truly want to twin boot (you simply intend to boot into Windows) you do not truly need to change the bootloader to send you to Windows you really simply need to remove the bootloader all together as well as return the Master Boot Record to it’s prior state. One of the disadvantages of making use of CHKDSK to repair the master boot record is that it removes the flags you require for a bootloader (as well as leaves you needing to re-install your bootloader) however in your case that’s exactly what you want. Scroll approximately the top of this Ask How-To Geek post as well as go through the service for fixing the Unmountable Boot Error in Windows. After you run CHKDSK/ R you’ll have a clean Master Boot Record that boots right into Windows.

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