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Ask HTG: Windows Media Player Dupes, Swapping Mouse Buttons, Customizing Word’s Default Font

Once a week we dip right into our visitor mailbag to address your pressing tech inquiries. Today we’re looking at removing duplicate Windows Media Player entries, hotkey changing for right/left-handed computer mouse setups, and transforming Word’s default typeface.

Dealing with Duplicate Entries in Windows Media Player

Precious How-To Geek,

I’ve been a long period of time Windows Media Player user as well as have actually always had difficulty with duplicate songs showing up in my library. When I upgraded to Windows 7 I even wound up with three-way entrances for much of the data! What can I do to trim points back down to their appropriate dimension and also do away with these duplicates?


Seeing Double in Delaware

Beloved Seeing Double,

Your issue can stem from several concerns. We’re mosting likely to give you a couple of pointers on narrowing down the source of the problem.

Before we get too deep into fixing your issue let’s ensure you don’t really have a replicate media collection (unfamiliar person things have actually taken place)! Open up Windows Media Player and find a number of those replicate data that have actually been plaguing you. Right click on them and also click “Show in Folder”. Do both access indicate the very same documents? If so, you have a dual entry for the exact same documents. Are they two different documents in 2 different directories? If so, Media Player is established appropriately you simply included the exact same documents two times.

If the entrances indicate the same documents, there’s a good chance that you’re media collection is damaged in some way. The fastest way to deal with it is to merely get rid of the old library and also rebuild it. Close Windows Media Player and after that browse to C: Documents and Settings Username Local Settings Application Data Microsoft Media Player where Username is your real username. In that folder you’ll discover several.WMDB files, create a folder called “back-up” as well as unload them all in there. Begin Windows Media Player once more and after that press F3 to open up the Add to Library dialog. Navigate to your media folder as well as include the music back in you desire to consist of in your collection.

The above technique also helps with the duplicate files from replicate folders issue. When you rebuild your library see to it to just add in the main resource (don’t add in the additional folders that are developing the duplicate file entries).

Finally if your songs collection is a real tinker duplicate folders and documents within your key media folder you’ll need a great tool to aid arrange it out. There are lots of replicate data finders offered yet not many of them are oriented in the direction of music collections. Replicate Cleaner is a totally free application that not only checks the data name, place, and also size, but additionally scans MP3 ID tags to take full advantage of the number of dupes you can hunt down. If the initial collection rebuilding trick doesn’t do it for you, Duplicate Cleaner can assist.

Exchanging Mouse Buttons from Right to Left Handed through Hotkey

Beloved How-To Geek,

I am tired of frequently going into the Mouse menu to change the mouse back to left handed. Exists a means to improvise this using one click on a computer systems that are shared?

All the best,

Left Handed in Liverpool

Dear Left Handed,

There is an useful as well as light-weight application that fits your demands completely. SwapMouseButtons is a freeware application that enabled a brand-new shortcut, CTRL+F 12 (you can swap the hotkey combo in the settings food selection if it problems with a present application). Press those 2 tricks and Windows automatically toggles between the default right-handed computer mouse configuration as well as the left-handed arrangement it likewise swaps the alignment of the mouse indicate the left-handed version.

If you discover the application valuable, we ‘d suggest saving a duplicate somewhere safe. The author’s original website is long gone as well as the installation data feeds on freeware databases all over the internet– helpful little applications similar to this have a means of fading away when you need them most.

Establishing the Default Font in Microsoft Word

Dear How-To Geek,

Years ago I changed the default font style on Microsoft Word however have actually long since failed to remember how to do it. Assist! I have a new duplicate of Word and wish to personalize it.

Font Style Changing in Fresno

Dear Font Changing,

It’s an actually direct fine-tune. Open a new blank Word file. Press CTRL+D (or click the flyout switch in the lower edge of the Font symbol team on the toolbar). In the Font dialog box that appears you can tailor numerous aspects of the font style and setup of new blank documents, including the default font and font style size.

It’s without a doubt one of the most direct process on Word 2010 (as confirmed by the simple guidelines we simply shared) but it’s excusable on earlier versions of Word also. If you’re taking care of previous versions take a look at this help entry from Microsoft covering Word 2002, 2003, as well as 2007.

Have a pressing tech concern? Shoot us an e-mail at and also we’ll do out best to obtain to the base of your issue.

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