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Can I Stop People From Editing My PowerPoint Presentation?

To preserve the stability of your PowerPoint presentation, you may want to attempt to avoid others from editing and enhancing it. Depending upon the Office version you have, there are a couple of points you can do to block editing and enhancing, or a minimum of make it harder.

Utilize the Restrict Access Feature (Business and also Enterprise Only)Make Your Presentation Read-Only or Mark It as FinalPassword Protect Your PresentationSave Your Presentation as an Image

Utilize the Restrict Access Feature (Business and Enterprise Only)

You can make use of the Restrict Access function to shield your PPTX file from edits, but this feature is just offered for Microsoft 365 for Business or Enterprise, as well as the attribute should be allowed by your company’s manager in the Microsoft 365 admin panel. That implies if you’re using any type of variation below Microsoft 365 for Business, such as Home or Family, after that you will not have this function.

If you are subscribed to a version that sustains this function, and if the admin of your company has actually allowed it, you can locate “Restrict Access” under File > > Info > > Protect Presentation.

You can after that establish the constraint kinds and file access expiry days.

Browse through Microsoft’s official doc website to read more regarding Information Rights Management and just how to utilize this attribute.

Make Your Presentation Read-Only or Mark It as Final

Making your discussion read-only or noting it as last doesn’t really make your presentation un-editable. What this does is inhibit others from making edits. It’s likewise helpful for avoiding accidental edits, as it makes you opt-in before you’re able to make any type of adjustments to the web content.

To make your discussion read-only, or to note it as final, open your PPTX data as well as click the “File” tab.

Next off, click “Info” in the left-hand pane.

Currently, in the Protect Presentation group, click “Protect Presentation.”

As soon as chosen, a drop-down food selection will certainly show up. You can pick in between these 2 choices to make your presentation read-only:

Selecting either alternative will certainly stop the viewers from editing the discussion– unless they opt-in to do so by clicking the “Edit Anyway” button in the banner.

While making your discussion read-only serves an objective, it’s a weak kind of protection if you intend to really keep others from modifying your content.

Password Protect Your Presentation

PowerPoint has an option that allows you secure your discussion as well as only those with the password can access it. Again, this doesn’t fully protect the web content within the discussion, yet if only those with the password have gain access to, the opportunities of the discussion being modified are absolutely lower.

To password safeguard your presentation, open PowerPoint, click the “File” tab, click “Info” in the left-hand pane, and afterwards click the “Protect Presentation” choice.

Next off, click “Encrypt with Password” from the menu that shows up.

The Encrypt Document home window will appear. Enter your password in the Password text box and after that click “OK.”

Reenter the password and then click “OKAY” once again.

Now anyone who attempts to open up the discussion will need the password to access it.

This technique is more secure than merely making your discussion read-only. Nonetheless, you’re merely preventing people from opening up the PPTX file. If they have the password, then they can additionally modify the presentation’s content. Take care that you share the password with. If you’re fretted the password may have been revealed, transform the password quickly.

Conserve Your Presentation as an Image

If you wish to provide your PPTX data to someone, however don’t want them to be able to duplicate or edit the web content (easily, at least), then you can convert the PowerPoint discussion to a picture documents and send it by doing this.

Open the PowerPoint discussion, click “File,” and after that click “Save As” in the left-hand pane.

Search to the area you want to save the data and after that, in the “Save As” box, pick the photo data kind you wish to conserve the presentation as. You can select between:

Once you conserve the discussion as an image, you can send it out to the preferred recipients.

At the end of the day, there’s no strong means to 100% protect your discussion. You can kindly ask receivers not to modify the web content, password-protect your presentation so only those you wish to have access to it can access it, or convert your presentation to a picture or PDF, but even with these procedures, if a person intends to modify something, they can always find a means.

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