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Exactly How to Quickly Move or Copy Content in Word Using F2

Instead of using the cut and duplicate commands, “Ctrl + X” and also “Ctrl + V”, to move web content, you can quicker relocate text using less keystrokes. Any kind of material, including text, graphics, as well as tables, can be relocated making use of the “F2” key and the “Enter” key.

Merely highlight the web content you intend to relocate and push “F2”.

Place the cursor where you intend to move the content.

Press “Enter”. The material is cut from its original location and pasted at the arrow.

You can also replicate and also paste web content utilizing “F2”. Merely highlight your material and also press “Shift + F2”. Then, press “Enter” in the preferred place to paste the web content.

KEEP IN MIND: Both the “F2” and “Shift + F2” faster ways just work when. They do not include the content to the clipboard for pasting several times. Once you push “Enter” you would certainly have to duplicate the process unless you reverse your last activity using “Ctrl + Z”.

We made use of Word 2016 to illustrate this function, but it operates in earlier versions of Word as well. There is also an additional means to move or duplicate message without influencing the clipboard as well as a way to relocate or copy multiple non-contiguous blocks of content to another area.

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