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Exactly how to Start a New Section on an Odd Page Number in Word 2013

When dealing with a long record or a book in Word, it’s usual to divide the document into sections or chapters. An usual technique is to begin each brand-new area or chapter on a strange page. This is conveniently accomplished making use of areas in Word.

We’ll show you how to add a new section break for a brand-new strange web page at the start of a section. If you already have sections in your file, do not worry. We’ll also reveal you exactly how to transform current section breaks into weird web page section breaks.

To insert a new strange web page section burglarize your paper, put the cursor at the start of the initial line of your brand-new section or phase and also click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.

In the Page Setup section, click Breaks and choose Odd Page from the drop-down menu.

A Odd Page Section Break is put into your document. If you do not see the break, it may go to the end of the previous paragraph. Put the cursor at the end of the paragraph and also press Enter to move the area break to the next line.

As we discussed previously, you may have already inserted section get into your record. You can protect your current section breaks by transforming them to Odd Page breaks.

To convert an area break to an Odd Page section break, put the cursor in the area you wish to transform. Click the Page Layout tab (if it’s not already active) and also click the Page Setup switch in the lower-right corner of the Page Setup area to open the Page Setup dialog box.

On the Page Setup dialog box, click the Layout tab. Select Odd page from the Section beginning drop-down list and click OK.

Notification that the area break modifications to an Odd Page section break.

Word will immediately add a blank web page at the end of an area or phase to ensure the next section or phase begins on an odd page.

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