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How do I Insert a New Row in Excel via the Keyboard?

If you are a key-board ninja, after that you despise having to move your hands from the keyboard for any type of reason unless there is nothing else alternative. Today’s SuperUser Q&A message supplies multiple ways to assist a distressed visitor keep his hands on the keyboard while utilizing Microsoft Excel.

Today’s Question & Answer session concerns us courtesy of SuperUser– a neighborhood of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&A website.

The Question

SuperUser viewers jstricker would like to know just how to place new rows in Excel using a key-board instead of a mouse:

Right-clicking on a row and also selecting insert is rather time consuming. I would rather not need to take my hands off the keyboard. Just how can I place a new row above my current row using just the keyboard? I am primarily curious about placing a single row at a time, yet would certainly additionally have an interest in solutions that deal with placing multiple rows each time.

Exists a very easy way to place brand-new rows in Excel using a key-board?

The Answer

SuperUser factors jstricker, ATG, KRyan, BillOer, and also assylias have the answer for us. To begin with, jstricker:

There are 2 choices that I recognize as well as both (regrettably) require two actions.

Option 1

Alternative 2

If inserting numerous rows at the same time, I believe the initial option is the very best considering that you can duplicate the 2nd action without needing to re-select the row.

Adhered to by the response from ATG:

The following key-board shortcut will place one row over the current cell’s row:

Press Alt + I (Insert), after that press R (Row).

On personal computers, utilize the Keyboard Right-Click Key to mimic a right-click on the current selection.

Extra note from ATG: Substituting C for R will insert a brand-new column.

After that the answer from KRyan:

It is worth noting that this is a sequence, not necessarily secrets to be pushed all at once (see answer from ATG over). You can type Alt, after that I, after that R and also get the exact same effect.

Complied with by the response from BillOer:

You can additionally pick several rows and after that right-click to put rows, or you can put one row and afterwards use Ctrl + Y as many times as you need to put rows. If you layout your spreadsheet as a table, you do not also need to fret about replicating your formulas.

And our last solution from assylias:

On Windows I utilize:

(*) The Keyboard Right-Click Key resembles this:

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