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How to Add a Status Message in Microsoft Teams

Now that Microsoft Teams seems to have taken control of several firms, individuals anticipate to understand when you’re readily available or otherwise. Set a customized condition message so your coworkers know what you’re up to.

One means of letting your associates understand that you’re busy is by establishing a standing, which functions when you’re in conferences or set to Do Not Disturb. It does not work so well if your status is a bit much more uncertain, like “Away” or “Appear Offline,” nevertheless.

For more details details, Microsoft Teams can present a written condition message. If you’re in fact away from the office, then Teams will certainly get your Out of Office (OOO) message from Microsoft Outlook as well as present that when any person messages you in a chat.

Your OOO message will become visible in Teams if you click on your account picture or avatar. Float over the message to show a tooltip with the whole message if it’s as well lengthy to review on-screen.

But you can additionally establish a standing message manually.

Click your profile icon, then pick “Set Status Message.”

Enter your condition message, activate “Show When People Message Me,” established a time for the status message to end, after that click “Done.”

Your message will currently present whenever anyone messages or states you. This will be shown despite your Microsoft Teams condition as well as will certainly present (in Microsoft Teams) rather than your Outlook OOO message.

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