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How to Change the Auto-Save Interval in Word 2013

By default, Word immediately saves your paper at specific periods. If you’re worried concerning losing data, you can reduce the interval. If you’re distracted by the hard disk drive crunching too often, you can enhance the interval. In any case, altering this interval is easy.

Changing the Auto-Save Interval

To alter the period, click the FILE tab.

On the Word Start Screen, click Options in the menu list left wing.

On the Word Options dialog box, click Save in the food selection listing left wing.

In the Save files section of the Save screen, make sure the Save AutoRecover details every check box is checked. Change the variety of mins by inputting in a new value or making use of the up and down arrows to alter the value.

Click OK to save your change.

If you alter your mind concerning the interval, simply open up words Options dialog box and also alter the Save AutoRecover details every worth to the preferred number. If you don’t desire Word to immediately conserve your files, select the Save AutoRecover details every check box so there is no sign in the box.

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