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How to Change the “Reply To” Address in an Email You Send From Outlook

If you’re sending an e-mail on behalf of somebody else, you could desire people to respond to that individual instead of you. Microsoft Outlook provides you the alternative to select a various default Reply address to cover this scenario.

Once you’ve produced your mail, switch to the “Options” tab and afterwards click the “Direct Replies To” switch. (Depending on your version of Outlook, you may require to click File > > Properties instead.)

When the Properties window opens, change the address in the “Have replies sent to” box from your address to the address (or addresses, if there is more than one) to which you want replies sent out.

Click the “Close” switch and after that send out the mail customarily.

When the recipient obtains the mail and also clicks “Reply” or “Reply All,” Outlook will instantly fill in the address you’ve selected. This won’t quit them changing it back to your address (or any individual else’s)– similar to a regular e-mail– yet it will certainly make it noticeable tp whom they are intended to respond.

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