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How to Change the Ruler Measurement Unit in Microsoft Word

In Word, you can pick one of numerous units of measurement for the ruler. This is useful when you’re dealing with a document for somebody who uses a various measurement system for margins, tabs, and so on. It’s an easy setting to change whenever you need to.

Switch to the “File” tab on Word’s Ribbon.

Click the “Options” command on the sidebar.

In the Word Options window, pick the “Advanced” category left wing.

On the right, scroll down to the “Display” section and then click the drop-down menu to the right of the “Show measurements in systems of” entry.

On the drop-down menu, click the units you want to use.

And after that click the “OK” button.

If your ruler is not showing, switch to the “View” tab.

And after that tick the “Ruler” checkbox there.

When you want to change back to your routine systems of measurement, head back to the same setting in the Word Options window.

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