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How to Copy as well as Paste Only Visible Cells in Microsoft Excel

You might conceal columns, rows, or cells in Excel to make information entrance or evaluation simpler. Yet when you copy and also paste a cell array with concealed cells, they suddenly re-emerge, do not they?

You may not realize it, however there is a means to duplicate and paste only the noticeable cells in Microsoft Excel. It takes absolutely nothing greater than a few clicks.

Default Copy as well as Paste With Hidden Cells in Excel

By default, when you duplicate a cell variety in Excel which contains covert cells, those concealed cells present when you paste.

As an instance, we’ve concealed rows 3 via 12 (February via November) in the adhering to screenshot.

When we select the noticeable cell range, make use of the Copy activity, and afterwards Paste, those concealed cells appear.

If this isn’t what you desire, read on for how to prevent it.

Replicate Visible Cells Only in Excel

This nifty hidden feature is offered in Microsoft Excel on both Windows as well as Mac. As well as the good news is, it works precisely similarly.

Beginning by selecting the cells you intend to copy and paste. Then, head to the Home tab and click the Find & Select (magnifying glass) drop-down arrow. Choose “Go To Special.”

In the window that appears, select “Visible Cells Only” as well as click “OK.”

With the cells still selected, use the Copy activity. You can push Ctrl+C on Windows, Command+C on Mac, right-click and pick “Copy,” or click “Copy” (2 web pages icon) in the bow on the Home tab.

Currently move where you wish to paste the cells as well as make use of the Paste activity. You can push Ctrl+V on Windows, Command+V on Mac, right-click as well as pick “Paste,” or click “Paste” in the ribbon on the Home tab.

You should after that see just the visible cells from your cell selection pasted.

If you do activities such as this in Word commonly, be sure to have a look at our how-to for cutting, copying, as well as pasting in Microsoft Word.

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