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How to Create a Table Using the Keyboard in Word

Creating tables in Word is easy utilizing the commands on the bow. However, if you wish to quickly develop a table without eliminating your hands from the key-board, you can quickly produce a fundamental table utilizing the keyboard.

KEEP IN MIND: We used Word 2016 to show this feature. Nevertheless, it also works in Word 2013.

To create a standard table, with one row as well as three columns as an example, make certain the cursor is on a brand-new line, after that kind 4 plus indications separated by rooms (plus, area, plus, area …) and press “Enter”.

A solitary row, three column table is produced. The columns may be slim as well as you probably want more than one row, however it’s a beginning.

NOTE: You can also produce the table utilizing vertical bars as opposed to plus indicators.

Entering message into a column will expand it until you kind the very first space, then the message will automatically wrap.

If you want larger columns in your table, divide the plus signs or vertical bars with dashes. The more dashboards you include, the larger the columns will be. For example, we typed 10 dashboards in between the and also indications.

As soon as you push “Enter”, a table with bigger columns is developed.

If this procedure of producing a table using the keyboard is not functioning, there’s a setup you require to turn on to make it function. Click the “File” tab.

On the backstage display, click “Options” in the checklist of things on the left.

On the “Word Options” dialog box, click “Proofing” in the list of things on the left.

In the “AutoCorrect alternatives” area, click the “AutoCorrect Options” button.

The “AutoCorrect” dialog box displays, showing the existing language in the title bar. Click the “AutoFormat As You Type” tab.

In the “Apply as you type” area, select the “Tables” check box. Then, click “OK”.

You are returned to the “Word Options” dialog box. Click “OK” to shut it.

When you have the table the size you desire, you can freeze the dimension of the cells.

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