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How to Hide Cells, Rows, and Columns in Excel

There may be times when you intend to hide details in certain cells or conceal entire rows or columns in an Excel worksheet. Possibly you have some additional information you reference in various other cells that does not need to be visible.

We will show you just how to conceal cells and rows and columns in your worksheets and then show them again.

You can’t conceal a cell in the sense that it entirely goes away until you unhide it. With what would certainly that cell be replaced? Excel can just blank out a cell so that absolutely nothing display screens in the cell. Select specific cells or several cells making use of the “Shift” as well as “Ctrl” keys, similar to you would when choosing numerous documents in Windows Explorer. Right-click on any one of the selected cells and also choose “Format Cells” from the popup food selection.

The “Format Cells” dialog box displays. Ensure the “Number” tab is active and select “Custom” in the “Category” checklist. In the “Type” edit box, enter three semicolons (;-RRB- without the parentheses and click “OKAY”.

NOTE: You may want to note what the “Type” was for each of the picked cells is prior to you transform it so you can transform the type of the cells back to what it was to show the content again.

The data in the chosen cells is currently hidden, but the value or the formula is still in the cell and also screens in the “Formula Bar”.

To unhide the web content in the cells, follow the very same actions listed above, yet choose the original number category and also type for the cells as opposed to “Custom” and the 3 semicolons.

KEEP IN MIND: If you type anything right into cells in which you concealed the material, it will instantly be concealed after you push “Enter”. Likewise, the original worth in the surprise cell will certainly be changed with the new worth or formula that you kind into the cell.

If you have a big worksheet, you could wish to hide some rows as well as columns for data you don’t presently need to view. To hide an entire row, right-click on the row number and choose “Hide”.

NOTE: To conceal multiple rows, select the rows first by clicking and also dragging over the variety of rows you wish to conceal, and then right-click on the picked rows and also choose “Hide”. You can select non-sequential rows by pushing “Ctrl” as you click on the row numbers for the rows you intend to select.

The covert row numbers are avoided in the row number column and a double line screens instead of the surprise rows.

Hiding columns is an extremely similar procedure to concealing rows. Right-click on the column you wish to hide, or pick multiple column letters first and then right-click on the selected columns. Select “Hide” from the popup menu.

The covert column letters are avoided in the row number column as well as a dual line displays instead of the hidden rows.

To unhide a row or multiple rows, pick the row prior to the hidden row(s) and also the row after the covert row(s) and right-click on the choice and pick “Unhide” from the popup food selection.

To unhide a column or multiple columns, choose both columns surrounding the covert column(s), right-click on the selection, as well as choose “Unhide” from the popup food selection.

If you have a large spreadsheet and also you do not want to hide any cells, rows, or columns, you can freeze rows and columns so any kind of headings you set up do not scroll when you scroll via your data.

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