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How to Make the Header and Footer Different on the First Page on an Excel Spreadsheet

You can include text, such as page numbers, filename, worksheet name, and also day, to the header as well as footer on your spread sheet. But, what if you desire the first web page of your worksheet to have a various header than the rest? That’s an easy job to complete.

KEEP IN MIND: We made use of Excel 2016 to show this feature.

To make header and also footer on the very first web page of the current worksheet various from the remainder of the pages, click the “Page Layout” tab.

In the “Page Setup” section, click the “Page Setup” switch in the lower-right edge.

The “Page Setup” dialog box screens. Click the “Header/Footer” tab.

Click the “Different very first web page” check box so there is a check mark in package.

As soon as you’ve turned on the “Different first page” choice, you can tailor the header for the initial page of the spreadsheet as well as the header for the rest of the web pages. Click “Custom Header”.

The “Header” tab is where you specify the header for all the pages after the initial page, which, in our instance, is the web page number and the total number of pages. For the first page of your spreadsheet, you may intend to leave the header blank, which is the default. Nonetheless, for our instance, we’ll add various text. To do so, click the “First Page Header” tab.

Click in the “Left section” box, “Center area” box, or “Right area”, depending upon where you wish to place the content of your header. You can have material in all three boxes. We’re going to include the filename to the facility of the header, so click in the “Center section” box and then click the “Insert File Name” button.

To approve your modifications as well as shut the “Header” dialog box, click “OK”.

You’re gone back to the “Page Setup” dialog box. Click “OKAY” to shut it.

We produced a personalized header in this instance, yet you can likewise create a personalized footer similarly utilizing the “Custom Footer” switch on the “Page Setup” dialog box.

You can additionally utilize this dialog box to make the header as well as footer various for odd and even web pages, by selecting the “Different strange as well as also web pages” check box on the “Header/Footer” tab on the “Page Setup” dialog box. Then, you can tailor the various headers and footers for the weird as well as also pages utilizing the “Custom Header” and “Custom Footer” switches.

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