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How to Remove Table Formatting in Microsoft Excel

When you put a table in your spread sheet, Microsoft Excel instantly applies certain format to your table. If you would certainly instead keep your table plain and also basic, you can eliminate its format. We’ll show you exactly how.

You can utilize this approach even if you have actually applied your very own customized formatting to your table.

Clear a Table’s Formatting in Excel

To begin the table format elimination process, open your spread sheet with Microsoft Excel.

In your spread sheet, click any cell of your table.

At the top, in Excel’s bow, click the “Table Design” tab.

On the “Table Design” tab, in the “Table Styles” area, click the “More” alternative (a down-arrow icon with a line at the top of it).

In the “More” menu that opens, click “Clear.”

You’ve successfully eliminated your table’s formatting.

And that’s exactly how you turn your stylized tables right into ordinary routine tables in Microsoft Excel!

Likewise, you can also remove format in your Microsoft Word records.

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