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How to Use the Reveal Formatting Feature in Word 2010

Are you made use of to the Reveal Codes function in WordPerfect? These codes show you your text with integrated formatting codes that seem similar to HTML formatting. Nevertheless, if you’re making use of Word, there is no equivalent feature.

WordPerfect treats message and also formatting codes the same, putting begin and end codes around text as you format it. When you present the Reveal Codes window, you see the format code markers incorporated with the message. You can pick the code markers as well as even insert as well as remove them manually. For instance, if you by hand erase an end code, the remainder of the record will certainly be formatted according to the beginning code that currently has no matching end code.

In Word, message and also formatting are treated completely independently. Word shops the formatting for the message in a different part of the data than the message to which the formatting uses. It is not inserted in the text stream. Rather, Word tracks the personality and also paragraph formatting you use throughout your paper, and does issue itself with begin and also end codes.

Whereas WordPerfect has both settings, WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you obtain”) and also Reveal Codes, Word only has the WYSIWYG mode. You apply vibrant to some message as well as you see that message as bold message. You can not see the strong codes around your text.

Nonetheless, there is a means to see how selected text is formatted. Word won’t reveal you start and end codes like WordPerfect since it does not utilize them. But, when you pick some text in Word as well as press Shift + F1, the Reveal Formatting pane screens. Word shows you, in listing style, exactly how the selected message is formatted with respect to the Font, Paragraph, and also Section.

If you want to transform the formatting of the chosen message, you can do so using the Reveal Formatting pane. As an example, if you intend to make the picked text not bold, however italic rather, click the Font web link in the Reveal Formatting pane.

The Font dialog box display screens. Make any adjustments you desire and also click OK. The message reflects the adjustment as does the Reveal Formatting pane.

Do not perplex the Reveal Formatting pane with the feature in Word that shows hidden format icons. Clicking the paragraph symbol in the Paragraph area of the Home tab, reveals surprise icons such as spaces, tabs, and paragraph marks. These are different than the formatting detailed on the Reveal Formatting pane.

NOTE: You can also press Ctrl + * to reveal and conceal the formatting icons.

You could want to reveal both the Reveal Formatting pane and also the covert format signs to quickly track your formatting as well as the spacing in between words as well as paragraphs and tabs.

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