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Just How to Convert Text to a Table and also a Table to Text in Word 2013

Have you got in some message in columns separated by tabs and you intend to transform it to a table? Word supplies a valuable feature that allows you to quickly convert text to a table and also a table to text.

You can transform text divided by a details character, such as a tab, right into a table. We will show you just how to do this and also how to convert the table back to text.

For example, say you have some text listing months as well as their corresponding variety of days. Before we work on transforming the message to a table, you may wish to check out the formatting and also paragraph marks so you can see just how your text is divided. To do that, click the paragraph button in the Paragraph section of the Home tab.

The tabs and paragraph marks display. If you’re transforming some text to a two-column table, make sure you only have one tab between the items on each line. Select the lines of text you wish to convert to a table.

Click the Insert tab and also click Table in the Table area. Select Convert Text to Table from the drop-down food selection.

On the Convert Text to Table dialog box, the Number of columns need to already be readied to 2 if you have only one tab between each product on each line. The Number of rows is immediately determined.

Specify the size of the columns in the table by selecting an alternative under AutoFit actions. We made a decision to make each column just vast enough to fit the materials by picking AutoFit to components.

Specify the character you used to separate the text on each line under Separate text at. In our instance, we selected Tabs. You can also use other personalities such as commas or paragraph marks. You can also define a character not detailed by choosing Other and also entering the personality in the edit box.

Now that you have transformed your text to a table, you can quickly convert it back to text. To do this, select the table by relocating your arrow over the table manage in the upper, left corner of the table as well as pick it. This highlights the entire table.

KEEP IN MIND: If you really did not have a constant number of separator personalities on each line, you might wind up with more rows as well as columns than you intended and also the text might not be positioned appropriately.

The Table Tools tabs appear. Click the Layout tab.

In the Data section of the Layout tab, click Convert to Text.

On the Convert Table to Text dialog box, pick the character you intend to make use of to divide the columns of message. For our example, we intend to divide the message using Tabs. Click OK.

Each row of the table becomes a line of message with tabs separating the products from the columns of the table. Word instantly inserts a tab marker on the ruler to line up the items from the columns of the table.

This attribute is handy if you have some text from another file that was not organized as a table initially, yet you want it in table format. Merely make sure the separator characters for every line are established appropriately and then convert the message to a table.

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