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Just how to Customize the Bullets in a Bulleted List in Word

By default, the simple black circular bullets are utilized when creating bulleted listings. Nonetheless, you can customize your bulleted lists. We will certainly reveal you how to alter the sign made use of as the bullets on the list and just how to change the shade of the bullets.

NOTE: We used Word 2016 to highlight this feature.

Highlight the bulleted listing you want to customize as well as make certain the “Home” tab is energetic on the ribbon. Click the down arrow on the “Bullets” button in the “Paragraph” area.

A few symbols show in the “Bullet Library” on the drop-down food selection. If the icon you want remains in the “Bullet Library”, click on it to choose it.

NOTE: As you move your mouse over the signs in the “Bullet Library”, Word shows you just how the sign will certainly look on the list.

If you don’t see an icon you desire in the “Bullet Library”, you can utilize a various sign. pick “Define New Bullet” from the drop-down menu.

On the “Define New Bullet” dialog box, in the “Bullet character” area, click “Symbol”.

The “Symbol” dialog box displays with the “Symbol” typeface chosen. You can pick among the icons in the “Symbol” typeface or pick a different font style from the “Font” drop-down list to gain access to more symbols. The Wingdings typefaces have a great variety of symbols.

As soon as you locate the symbol you intend to make use of, click on it and afterwards click “OKAY”.

Notification that the “Preview” on the “Define New Bullet” dialog box shows the freshly selected symbol as the bullets.

You can additionally transform the color of the bullets, also if you’ve chosen a various symbol for your bullets. Open the “Define New Bullet” dialog box again, as defined previously in this article. Click “Font” in the “Bullet character” section.

Click the “Font color” drop-down color picker as well as click the shade you wish to make use of for your bullets.

Click “OK” to accept the modification and shut the “Font” dialog box.

You are gone back to the “Define New Bullet” dialog box as well as the “Preview” shows your bullets in the color you picked.

You can likewise utilize a photo as a bullet as well as we’ll reveal you just how to do that in future short article.

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