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Just how to Delete a Notebook in Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote offers an alternative to shut notebooks within the app– yet this doesn’t permanently delete it. To eliminate the note pad permanently, you’ll require to locate and also erase the source file (in your area on Windows 10 or in OneDrive). Right here’s just how.

Closing vs. Deleting Notebooks in OneNote

There’s an essential difference to keep in mind between closing as well as removing a note pad in OneNote. When you close a note pad, it does not completely get rid of the content within that notebook– it just removes it from the listing of readily available notebooks in the OneNote application. The data within that note pad can still be accessed from the source documents.

To completely eliminate the material from existence, you’ll require to locate and also delete the source documents of the note pad. Where is the source documents kept? The evident answer is it relies on where you waited, but that can additionally depend on which OS you’re utilizing.

Exactly how to Delete a OneNote Notebook in OneDrive

You can conserve your OneNote note pad to OneDrive using both Mac and also Windows 10. Nevertheless, If you’re utilizing a Mac, you can only conserve your notebook to OneDrive– it does not offer you the option to save it in your area.

On your Mac or Windows 10 PC, open a web browser of your selection and most likely to Microsoft OneDrive. When there, you’ll instantly remain in the “My Files” tab.

Here, open the “Documents” folder by clicking it.

Next off, click the “OneNote Notebooks” folder.

Right-click the notebook you wish to remove and after that click the “Delete” option from the context menu that appears.

The note pad is now erased from OneDrive.

Just how to Delete a OneNote Notebook in Windows 10

If you want to remove a note pad stored in your area on Windows 10, open File Explorer and navigate to your “Documents” folder. Open the “OneNote Notebooks” folder, which OneNote produces for note pad storage by default.

When there, right-click the folder you intend to remove. Click “Delete” in the context menu that shows up.

The note pad is now removed from your local device. If your notebook contains private or sensitive information, it’s a great idea to ascertain OneDrive to ensure all traces of the data are gone.

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