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Just how to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

During a discussion, a mix of media always executes ideal. Utilizing photos, graphs, charts, and also video clips not just makes your presentation extra informative however likewise more interesting for the target market. If you have a YouTube video you ‘d such as to use during your discussion, it’s as simple as installing it in a slide. Right here’s just how.

Finding a YouTube Video’s Embed Code

Rather than connecting to a YouTube video in your presentation, installing it in the slide is generally the better alternative. It gives your discussion a more professional appearance due to the fact that you will not be leaving your slide to pop open the YouTube web site. Keep in mind, though, that despite the video clip embedded in your discussion, you’ll still require to be attached to the net to play the video.

Initially, head over to YouTube and also discover the video clip you want to embed. As soon as you’re there, choose the “Share” alternative, which you’ll locate in the video summary.

A home window will certainly appear, giving you a couple of different lorries for sharing the video. Go ahead and also click the “Embed” choice in the “Share a link” area.

One more home window will certainly show up, offering the embed code in addition to a couple of various other alternatives. If you wanting to begin the video clip at a certain time, choose the “Start at” box and enter the time when you would certainly such as the video clip to begin. Additionally, you can choose whether you would certainly like to player controls to appear as well as if you want to make it possible for privacy-enhanced mode.

Keep in mind: Privacy-enhanced setting keeps YouTube from keeping information about visitors that visit your internet site that the video clip is embedded on unless they play the video clip. Given that we will be making use of the embed code in a PowerPoint presentation, this choice is not required.

Select “Copy” at the bottom right of the home window to replicate the embed code to your clipboard. Alternatively, select the code and also use the Ctrl+C faster way.

We’re completed with YouTube, for now, so directly over to PowerPoint as well as open your presentation.

Embedding a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

Select the slide where you wish to install the YouTube video clip. On the “Insert” tab, click the “Video” switch.

On the drop-down menu, select the “Online Video” choice.

The Insert Video home window that appears allows you browse YouTube for a video or paste in that installed code you replicated from the YouTube site. Paste the installed code and also click the arrow to finish the action.

Your video clip will currently appear in the discussion. To resize the video, click as well as drag the corners.

Note that initially, the video clip will look like a black rectangle. Don’t stress– this is normal. Just right-click the video and after that pick “Preview.”

This will certainly give you a fast sneak peek of just how the video clip will certainly look throughout your discussion.

Searching the YouTube Video in PowerPoint

You can likewise search for a YouTube video clip from that Insert Video home window in PowerPoint. Type in your search terms and then click the search icon.

Numerous choices will certainly show up– 888,341 when it comes to the Rick Astley’s Never Gon na Give You Up video clip for which we looked. Select the one you wish to utilize.

Then pick “Insert” at the bottom-right of the window.

That’s all there is to it. Generally, we advise looking the real YouTube internet site as well as using the installed code the way we described earlier– mainly due to the fact that the site is a lot easier to browse and you can view the video clips prior to picking the one you want. Still, if you recognize specifically what you’re after, this approach might work great for you.

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