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Just how to Mark a Message in Microsoft Teams as Important or Urgent

When you have network and message alerts blinking in Microsoft Teams, it’s tough to understand which are a priority. Mark your message as Important or Urgent so your teammates understand to take notice of it.

Having the ability to send out straight messages to individuals and conversation with them in channels within Microsoft Teams is a double-edged sword. Certain, it’s wonderful to be able to speak to a private or a group whenever you need to, yet the downside is that everyone else can contact you, as well.

This causes a typical trouble: alert bloat. If you have several conversation and network notifications, exactly how do you recognize which is a top priority at a glimpse? As well as exactly how do your teammates recognize when a message from you is truly crucial, or simply an update on your fantasy football group?

The response to these concerns is that you don’t. But Teams makes it simple to note a message as either Important or Urgent with a corresponding icon so you can communicate the top priority of the message.

Essential messages will certainly have a red exclamation mark.

Immediate messages will have a red bell.

Do not use these options frequently, or people will certainly overlook them– nevertheless, if whatever you send out is marked as Important or Urgent, then they’ll begin to become simply another message. But conserved, these can truly assist employee focus on messages.

As a tip, messages to a channel can be marked as Important, messages in chat (straight messages or DMs) can be noted as Important or Urgent.

How to Mark Channel Messages as Important

Noting a channel message as essential is pretty simple. After opening the Microsoft Teams application, click the “Format” choice under a new message, choose the three-dot food selection symbol on the right-hand side, and also select “Mark As Important” from the food selection.

If you have a widescreen screen, the choice will not be hidden under the three-dot icon as well as will certainly show up on the toolbar as an exclamation mark.

An “IMPORTANT!” header will certainly be included in the message, and the left-hand border will certainly redden.

Type your message as normal and post it. It will certainly appear in the channel with an exclamation mark on the right-hand-side.

Your teammates will certainly see a red exclamation mark alongside the channel, suggesting that somebody has actually posted a vital message.

Just How to Mark Chat Messages as Important or Urgent

Marking a message as Important or Urgent in a conversation is also easier than it is in a channel. Click the “Set Delivery Options” alternative under a new message and after that select “Standard,” “Important,” or “Urgent.”

An “URGENT!” header will be included in the message, and a red banner will certainly show up on top of the home window.

Kind your message as well as send it as normal. It will turn up in the conversation with a bell on the right-hand-side.

The individual you sent out the message to will see a red bell alongside the chat, showing that you’ve sent them an Urgent message.

An Important message works the same way as it provides for a network message noted as “Important.” An Urgent message is comparable, yet with one significant difference: the recipient will certainly obtain an alert message every 2 mins for 20 minutes until they check out the message.

Because of this, usage “Urgent” with caution as people don’t typically value obtaining an “Urgent” alert for something which isn’t actually time-sensitive.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams as a visitor, you won’t be able to note a message as Urgent. This alternative is just readily available for proprietors and also participants of a group.

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