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Open Different Outlook Features in Separate Windows to Improve Productivity

If you work in Outlook for much of the workday, you may find it annoying having to navigate from Mail View to Calendar, then Contacts…etc. Today we show you a cool quick tip that will allow you to open each feature in a new Window.

Outlook 2007

Open up Outlook and in the Navigation Pane right-click Calendar and select Open in New Window.

Now you can do this for any feature you want to have open in a new window. For example here we have Calendar, Contacts, and Mail each open in their own separate window.

Now if you’re using Windows 7 you can easily switch between windows with the new Taskbar.

Or you can use the “Alt+Tab” key combination if you prefer especially in earlier versions.


The process is the same for Outlook 2010…

And and for Outlook 2003 as well.

This is a simple tip, but can be very effective in helping you get work done easier and more quickly.

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