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Optical character recognition anything with OneNote 2007 and also 2010

Quality OCR software application can commonly be very costly, yet you may have one already mounted on your computer that you really did not know about. Right here’s just how you can utilize OneNote to OCR anything on your computer.

OneNote is among the ignored treasures in current variations of Microsoft Office. OneNote makes it straightforward to make note and also monitor every little thing with integrated search, and provides much more attributes than its preferred rival Evernote. One method it is much better is its excellent quality optical character acknowledgment (OCR) engine. One of Evernote’s most popular functions is that you can look for anything, including message in a photo, and also you can easily discover it. OneNote takes this additionally, as well as instantaneously OCRs any type of message in photos you include. After that, you can use this message quickly and copy it from the photo. Allow’s see how this functions and how you can utilize OneNote as the best OCR.

Please Note: This function is offered in OneNote 2007 as well as 2010. OneNote 2007 is included with Office 2007 Home as well as Student, Enterprise, as well as Ultimate, while OneNote 2010 is included with all version of Office 2010 with the exception of Starter version.

Optical character recognition anything

First, let’s include something to OCR into OneNote. There are many different ways you can include products to OCR into OneNote. Open up an empty web page or one you intend to put something right into, and then adhere to these steps to add what you want into OneNote.


Simply drag-and-drop a photo with message right into a notebook …

You can place a photo directly from OneNote also. In OneNote 2010, pick the Insert tab, and after that choose Picture.

In OneNote 2007, select the Insert menu, choose Picture, and after that pick from File.

Screen Clipping

There are sometimes we would certainly such as to copy text from something we see onscreen, however there is no direct method to replicate text from that point. For example, you can not replicate text from the title-bar of a home window, or from a flash-based online presentation. For these cases, the Screen Clipping option is very beneficial. To add a clip of anything onscreen in OneNote 2010, choose the Insert tab in the bow and click Screen Clipping.

In OneNote 2007, either click the Clip switch on the toolbar or pick the Insert food selection as well as select Screen Clipping.

Alternately, you can take a display clipping by pushing the home windows key + S.

When you click Screen Clipping, OneNote will lessen, your desktop computer will fade lighter, and your mouse reminder will certainly alter to a plus indicator. Now, click and drag over anything you wish to add to OneNote. Below we’re choosing the title of this article.

The area you chose will now show up in your OneNote notebook, total with the date and also time the clip was made.

Place a file

You’re not limited to pictures; OneNote can even OCR anything in many documents on your computer. You can include data straight in OneNote 2010 by selecting File Printout in the Insert tab.

In OneNote 2007, choose the Insert food selection as well as choose Files as Printout.

Pick the documents you want to add to OneNote in the dialog.

Select Insert, and also OneNote will stop for a short time as it processes the data.

Now your file will certainly show up in OneNote as a printout with a web link to the original file over it.

You can also send any kind of data directly to OneNote via the OneNote online printer. If you have a documents open, such as a PDF, that you would certainly such as to OCR, simply open up the print dialog in that program as well as select the “Send to OneNote” printer.

Or, if you have a scanner, you can scan papers straight into OneNote by clicking Scanner Printout in the Insert tab in OneNote 2010.

In OneNote 2003, to add a scanned document pick the Insert food selection, pick Picture, and afterwards pick from Scanner or Camera.

Optical character recognition the picture, data, or screenshot you place in OneNote

Since you’ve obtained your stuff right into OneNote, allow’s place it to work. OneNote instantly did an OCR check on anything you inserted right into OneNote. You can check to make sure by right-clicking on any type of picture, screenshot, or submit you inserted. Select “Make Text in Image Searchable” and after that ensure the correct language is picked.

Now, you can copy text from the Picture. Simply right-click on the image, as well as pick “Copy Text from Picture”.

And also right here’s the text that OneNote found in this picture:

Not poor, huh? Currently you can paste the message from the image right into a paper or anywhere you require to make use of the message.

If you are rather copying message from a hard copy, it may provide you the choice to copy message from this web page or all pages of the hard copy.

This functions the specific very same in OneNote 2007.

In OneNote 2010, you can likewise modify the text OneNote has actually saved in the picture from the OCR. This way, if OneNote read something improperly you can transform it so you can still discover it when you make use of search in OneNote. Additionally, you can replicate just a specific part of the text from the edit box, so it can be valuable simply for basic copying also. To do this, right-click on the thing as well as pick “Edit Alt Text”.

Here is the window to edit alternative message. If you intend to replicate only a part of the text, merely pick it as well as press Ctrl+C to replicate that portion.


OneNote’s OCR engine is extremely beneficial for finding certain images you have actually saved in OneNote. Simply enter your search query in the search box on top right, and also OneNote will immediately discover all circumstances of that term in all of your notebooks. Notice how it highlights the search term also in the image!

This works the same in OneNote 2007. Notification how it highlighted “How-to” in a shot of the header image in our preferred web site.

In Windows Vista as well as 7, you can also look for points OneNote OCRed from the beginning Menu search. Below the beginning menu search discovered the words “Windows Live Writer” in our OCR Test notebook in OneNote where we placed the screen clip over.


OneNote is a very valuable OCR tool, and can aid you capture message from almost anything. Plus, given that you can conveniently search every little thing you have actually saved in OneNote, you can rapidly locate anything you place anytime. OneNote is among the least-used Office devices, but we have actually found it very useful and hope you do as well.

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