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Prevent Outlook with Gmail IMAP from Showing Duplicate Tasks in the To-Do Bar

If you are using Outlook with Gmail over IMAP, you might have seen a really frustrating issue: if you flag an e-mail in Outlook, or utilize the Star function in Gmail, you’ll commonly end up with replicate things in the To-Do bar.

The factor this occurs is since Gmail’s IMAP reveals the very same product in numerous folders, as an example when you’ve identified an e-mail it will certainly turn up in the label folder in addition to All Mail and also the Inbox, although it’s the exact same email. Outlook can not discriminate.

The solution is to tell the To-Do bar to disregard any type of tasks that remain in other folders other than All Mail.

Repairing Duplicate Flagged Items

Right-click throughout the To-Do pane’s task area, and then choose Filter from the menu:

Choose the Advanced tab, and after that include a brand-new regulation by manually keying in the worths right into the areas:

Make certain you type them in specifically (note that you can navigate the food selection to find the “In Folder” product), and also when you are done click on the Add to List button before you leave this display.

Make sure that your checklist now has the brand-new product prior to you click the okay button:

Note: If you have more than one mail account and also flag messages in those, you will require to add an extra rule for consisting of those folders as well. Additionally you can obstruct only certain folders using this method.

You’ll most likely have to do a Send/Receive prior to the things go away from the listing.

You could also omit items from All Mail by reversing the problem to exclude instead.

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