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Produce Chemistry Equations as well as Diagrams in Word

Microsoft Word is a terrific device for formatting message, yet what happens if you want to put a chemistry formula or diagram? Many thanks to a new complimentary add-in for Word, you can now put premium chemistry formulas as well as representations straight from the Ribbon in Word.

Microsoft’s brand-new Education Labs has actually just recently released the brand-new Chemistry Add-in for Word 2007 as well as 2010. This free download adds assistance for entering and editing chemistry icons, diagrams, and also solutions utilizing the conventional XML based Chemical Markup Language.

You can transform any type of chemical name, such as benzene, or formula, such as H2O, right into a chemical diagram, standard name, or formula. Whether you’re an expert chemist, simply taking chemistry in institution, or merely interested concerning the makeup of Citric Acid, this add-in is an amazing way to bring chemistry to your computer system.

This add-in jobs excellent on Word 2007 and also 2010, consisting of the 64 little bit version of Word 2010. Please note that the existing version is still in beta, so just run it if you are comfortable running beta items.


Download the Chemistry add-in from Microsoft Education Labs (link listed below), as well as unzip the data. Then, run the ChemistryAddinforWordBeta2.Setup.msi.

It might inform you that you need to install the Visual Studio Tools for Office 3.0. Merely click Yes to download these tools.

This will open up the download in your default browser. Just click run, or conserve and after that run it when it is downloaded and install.

Now, click next to install the Visual Studio Tools for Office customarily.

When this is ended up, run the ChemistryAddinforWordBeta2.Setup.msi again. This time, you can easily install it with the default options.

Once it’s completed mounting, open Word to try out the Chemistry Add-in. You will certainly be asked if you want to mount this personalization, so click Install to enable it.

Now you will have a brand-new Chemistry tab in your Word ribbon. Right here’s the ribbon in Word 2010 …

And here it remains in Word 2007.

Using the Chemistry Add-in

It’s extremely simple to put wonderful chemistry diagrams and also formulas in Word with the Chemistry add-in. You can rapidly put a premade diagram from the Chemistry Gallery:

Or you can insert a formula from documents. Simply click “From File” and also pick any type of Chemical Markup Language (. cml) formatted documents to insert the chemical formula.

You can also convert any type of chemical name to it’s chemical form. Just choose the word, right-click, choose “Convert to Chemistry Zone” and afterwards click its name.

Currently you can see the chemical type in the sidebar if you click the Chemistry Navigator button, as well as can choose to place the representation right into the document. Some chemicals will immediately convert to the layout in the document, while others merely link to it in the sidebar. In any case, you can present precisely what you desire.

You can also transform a chemical formula directly to it’s chemical representation. Right here we got in H2O as well as converted it to Chemistry Zone:

This directly transformed it to the layout straight in the document.

You can click the Edit switch on the top, and also from there pick to either edit the 2D design of the chemical, or edit the tags.

When you click Edit Labels, you might be asked which develop you want to present. Right here’s the choices for potassium permanganate:

You can after that modify the names and also solutions, and also include or remove any kind of you wish.

If you select to edit the chemical in 2D, you can even modify the specific atoms and also change the chemical you’re diagramming. This 2D editor has a lot of options, so you can get your chemical diagram to look just like you want.

And also, if you require any type of help or want to learn more about the Chemistry add-in as well as its attributes, just click the help button in the Chemistry Ribbon. This will certainly open a Word paper consisting of instances and descriptions which can be handy in grasping all the features of this add-in.

All of this functions flawlessly, whether you’re running it in Word 2007 or 2010, 32 or 64 bit versions.


Whether you’re using chemistry formulas day-to-day or merely wish to explore a chemical makeup sometimes, this is a terrific method to do it with devices you currently have on your computer. It will certainly additionally aid make homework a little bit simpler if you’re battling with it in senior high school or university.


Download the Chemistry Add-in for Word

Presenting Chemistry Add-in for Word– MSDN blog sites

Chemistry Markup Language– Wikipedia

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