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Quick Tip: Easily See How Much Space Your Outlook Mail is Using

If you make use of Outlook as well as have a busy inbox you might want to periodically learn how much area whatever is taking. Today we’ll take a really glance at the Mailbox Cleanup function in Outlook, which will let you see the amount of area being squandered.

Utilizing Mailbox Cleanup

With Outlook open, go to Tools Mailbox Cleanup.

Now with the Mailbox Cleanup dialog box open click on View Mailbox Size. You can additionally use this exact same dialog to easily find old e-mail, or things that are bigger than a particular dimension, so you can delete them and redeem some area.

In the Folder Size dialog will show the quantity of space being taken up on your local device by each folder. If you are on an Exchange Server just click the Server Data tab to find out just how much space is being taken up on the server.

Depending upon the dimension and your configuration you may wish to Easily Compact The Outlook Data File.

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