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Quickly Summarize A Word 2007 Document

This post was created by MysticGeek, a tech blog owner at the How-To Geek Blogs.

When you have a long Word paper having a great deal of different details concerning the very same thing, it can be challenging to create a summary of the record. AutoSummarize is an attribute in Word 2007 that scores the paper by giving points to sentences which contain frequently made use of words. You can then utilize the greatest racking up sentences to develop the summary or utilize the Auto function. For this example I developed an easy Word file using the =rand() technique.

First we will certainly add the AutoSummary faster ways to the quick access bar. Click the Office Button Customize Choose commands from All Commands then scroll down and also highlight AutoSummary Tools click the Add button.

Now click the fast accessibility AutoSummarize symbol revealed below.

Now that we have the AutoSummarize dialog box open we have various options to choose from. The Highlight key points will allow you to experience the record and find most generally made use of words and expressions so you can conclude your own summary.

Utilizing the Executive Summary essentially automobile produces a recap of the record and also places it at the top of the document. Developing a brand-new file will certainly simply take the below summary and area it in a brand-new Word file.

Ultimately concealing whatever however the recap leaves simply the recap in words document and also leaves out the remainder. In this instance I used just 25% of the file. You can change the size for Word to sum up based upon the size of the paper.

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