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Share OneNote 2010 Notebooks with OneNote 2007

OneNote is the brand-new star of the Office Suite, and is included in every version of Office 2010. OneNote’s file format has actually been changed in the 2010 variation, so right here’s how you can still share your note pads with those utilizing OneNote 2007.

Convert your OneNote Notebooks to 2007 Format

If you open up a note pad from OneNote 2010 in OneNote 2007, you might see this caution informing you that the note pad was developed in a more recent version of OneNote and can not be opened.

To make your 2010 note pads compatible with OneNote 2007, you require to convert them inside OneNote 2010. In OneNote 2010, open the File food selection; this ought to open to the Info tab by default. Select the Settings switch close to the note pad you wish to use in OneNote 2007, and also select Properties.

In the residential properties dialog, click “Convert to 2007”.

You may see a caution that some formatting, content, and also background that is incompatible with OneNote 2007 will certainly be removed. Click Ok to continue.

OneNote will instantly convert every little thing in this note pad to 2007 style. If your note pad is huge, this might take a few minutes.

As soon as the conversion is completed, you can re-open the homes dialog to see the adjustment. The layout is noted as OneNote 2007 layout, as well as you have the choice to transform to 2010. Your 2007 formatted notebook is still fully useful in OneNote 2010, yet you may not be able to make use of some of the newer functions in it.

Since your notebook is in 2007 format, you can share it with OneNote 2007 customers. Below’s our note pad, the OneNote 2010 guide, open in OneNote 2007 after the conversion.


OneNote can be a wonderful collaboration device, and also with this basic technique you can work together with those using older variations of OneNote. Furthermore, if you are currently running Office 2010 beta however strategy to switch over back to Office 2007 when the beta runs out, after that make certain to do this to any kind of brand-new notebooks you’ve produced so you can still use them.

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