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Stupid Geek Tricks: Browse the Web from Outlook

Most of us spend an uncomfortable quantity of time in Microsoft Outlook, checking out e-mails from the pointy-haired employers and sending out TPS reports around. Because you’re currently in Outlook, why not browse the internet a little?

Enable Outlook’s Web View

With Outlook open, click View Toolbars and after that examine Web on the menu.

This will display the Web address bar which you can transfer to anywhere you desire in the toolbar location.

Now, just get in any type of Web address right into bench and also the sight pane will show the web page within Outlook utilizing the Internet Explorer engine. If you’re simply looking at the one page just click the Back button and it will certainly return you to the Outlook sight. Or you can discover the whole website as well as/ or surf the internet.

View Your Email Messages in Internet Explorer

An opposite method to go is check out an email message in Internet Explorer versus Outlook. With the email message open in the Actions section on the Ribbon click Other Actions and also View in Browser.

A safety caution message will certainly turn up asking if you’re certain you want to continue.

Web Explorer will open showing the email message.

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