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Tailor the Displayed Fields in the Outlook Email List Pane

This article was created by MysticGeek, a technology blog writer at the How-To Geek Blogs.

One of the nicest functions in Outlook is the method the checklist sight takes care of “Compact Mode” when you make use of the analysis pane on the right-hand side of the screen … it switches over to double-line to reveal even more details easily. Yet did you recognize that you can really make it present even more fields?

This is truly beneficial if you wish to have the ability to see a certain added area at a glimpse. The most up to date variation of Outlook lets you do color categories, yet sometimes it’s easier to just see the textual variation.

Generally Outlook display click View Current View Customize Current View.

In the Customize View home window click Fields.

Now the Show Fields screen opens up and right here is where you can include or eliminate fields, or select the order the fields will be shown.

The vital thing to note in the Show Fields dialog is the “Maximum variety of lines in small mode”… for instance below I altered it to show 4 lines:

The interesting thing about this is that you can enable the view only for a certain folder or search folder, so you could easily switch over in between sights on the exact same folder.

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