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What is an XLSX File (and also How Do I Open One)?

A data with the.xlsx data extension is a Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (XLSX) documents created by Microsoft Excel. You can likewise open this style in various other spread sheet apps, such as Apple Numbers, Google Docs, and also OpenOffice. They are saved as a compressed Zip documents, which contains a bunch of various other data made use of to open up the paper.

What Is an XLSX File?

XLSX documents are documents made use of in Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application that utilizes tables to arrange, examine, and also store data. Each cell can contain message or numerical information, consisting of including mathematical formulas.

First presented with Microsoft Office 2007 in the Office Open XML requirement, XLSX is the default style when creating a spreadsheet using contemporary versions of Excel. Microsoft presented this open layout greatly as a result of increased competition from Open Office and also its Open Document Format (ODF). The XLXS layout replaced the exclusive XLS format that Excel utilized previously.

Just how Do I Open an XLSX File?

Since XLSX files have actually become standardized, you can open them in several applications on different systems. Although Windows doesn’t natively open them unless you have a duplicate of Microsoft Office 2007 or later, you can download a third-party open-source application like Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice to open your data.

Mac individuals simply require to double-click on the file and also it will certainly open up in the Apple Numbers application.

If you would certainly instead save, open, as well as modify all your Office Open XML data in the cloud, you can do so by publishing your file through Excel Online or Google Sheets.

Alternatively, if you’re a Chrome user, you can download the extension Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides (an authorities Google extension) for your web browser. It lets you submit any XLSX documents straight from your local hard disk to your Google Drive by dragging and dropping it right into any type of Chrome tab.

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