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What You Said: What’s the most effective Order for Installing Apps on a New Computer?

Earlier this week we asked you to share your technique for mounting applications on a new (or rebuilt) computer. The feedbacks accumulated and also currently we’re back to highlight your ideas.

A typical string throughout the actions was the pecking order of value in installment (core equipment driver updates prior to setting up Angry Birds as an example). Much more cautious customers also mixed in backups as well as drive imaging to offer a safeguard. Huuisie could win the award as one of the most mindful of the bunch with his comprehensive as well as backup-laden regimen:

1. Style and dividers HDD– C: for Windows and also applications, D: for Data.
2. Mount Windows 7 and SP1.
3. Develop 1st system picture back-up (Backup 1) with Macrium Reflect (can backup RAID5).
( This is now source utilized when reinstalling from scratch)

1. I fine-tune Windows thoroughly, so this obtains done currently.
2. Secret sauce is Liberkey– this is installed on D:. Permits me to search for things, usage CCleaner, etc without affecting OS arrangement and C: drive (maintains it tidy). Keeps app set up on C: drive (later on) to a minimum.
3. All Windows Updates mounted.
4. Produce Backup 2

1. Install Office 2010 (+ SP1 now).
2. I modify Office setups extensively for operations, so this takes place now.
3. Create Backup 3.
4. As motorist and app updates can change a fair bit and/or have unanticipated consequences, I favor to obtain my “crucial” arrangement done initially.
4. When I eliminate my HP AIO printer (and also delete the huge heap of motorists as well as software program it needs) as well as purchase a brand-new AIO (not HP!), I just need to return this much.

1. Install all motorists and setups for them (Catalyst, printers, etc).
2. Develop Backup 4.

1. Install important applications ‘n various other stuff (Firefox, DropBox, Java, DirectX, and so on) and also all settings.
2. Liberkey as well as Firefox profile( s) in DropBox.
3. Combination of Live Mesh and DropBox maintains documents as well as media synced between PCs.
4. Backup 5– all done (whew!)

1. I understand standard knowledge is to install drivers with Windows and then back-up, however I choose doing it incrementally. As Windows 7 has outstanding motorist support, I can place this off up until I have my core “work” functionality mounted.
2. If anything fails with applications or motorists, I do not need to go to square one.
3 Even if I make major changes (like when I was wrestling with ways to restrict Libraries from messing with my data system and also process), I can:.
— mount each backup phase.
— make necessary changes.
— produce brand-new (updated) backup phase.
— this might be lengthy, however much less so than doing so from square one

There have been several installments we’ve done over the years where this sort of thoroughness and also staggered supporting would have conserved us from a huge headache.

Mark offered us a walkthrough beginning with the BIOS (a frequently neglected aspect of computer building/updating):

Bare Metal Clean Installs have actually been my specialty considering that I was beta testing Windows 95 OSR2 in 1996.

Hardware First

Biographies updates are constantly done before mounting your OS. You can make use of the great Ultimate Boot CD to get to a command punctual and also blink the motherboard BIOS, then reboot and also teak the setups. This will certainly create a much more successful (read: far better doing) OS mount. On more recent systems I like to set the disk drive controller to AHCI SATA mode, not IDE setting, as I locate it functions smoother with less CPU overhead.

Get any kind of expansion cards mounted as well as have all your hardware ducks straight BEFORE you begin the OS install.

Software Next

I such as to build a custom OS installer for my systems, slipstreaming all the most up to date updates and also vehicle drivers into the mix so the system will certainly be absolutely up-to-date when the OS set up finishes. The fantastic DriverPacks by Wim Leers and also business go a long means to making this happen, and there are some remarkable technology discussion forums where people consume, breathe and rest this stuff. I made use of to utilize nLite and vLite, today I make use of something called SMART which can alter the solution settings to make the box work much faster, be more safe and secure as well as trusted, for whatever you need to do.

After the OS and existing drivers are set up, I like to use System Restore or Ghost to make a backup/save the tidy mount so if I require to, I can return to it conveniently.

I likewise reboot the system a few times throughout this stage to occupy the Prefetch folder as well as clear out any kind of start-up and also closure possible issues. Obtain the networking configuration and evaluated, but don’t go out to the internet a lot up until later when protection software is mounted

Applications, Oldest First, Newest Last

I begin with internet browser, archiving utilities (WinRAR, Firefox), add the Adblock and NoScript plugins, text editor (NotePad++) and also FTP (WS_FTP or FileZilla), after that the bigger apps, oldest first and newest last.

Really last, install anti-virus, as well as firewall software (I love MS Security Essentials), and something called WinPatrol (Scotty states “woof woof”) which keeps track of all type of system stuff at all times and also tells me when something attempts to install itself.

YMMV, but this technique has actually stood me well for several years and also numerous setups. I am transitioning all this to a virtualized method, where my host OS will certainly be plain and also simple (though protected) and also all my apps things will be carried out in conveniently brought back VM disk data.

I enjoy innovation. And I like How to Geek!

And also we like in-depth actions to Ask the Reader queries! The BIOS isn’t traditionally on checklists however, as Mark points out, an appropriately upgraded BIOS provides the structure for a secure computer system and also prevents frustrations before they also begin.

While many people included chauffeur updates in their lists (as well as usually close to the top), not many people got into the details of vehicle driver installation order. Jan chips in with her Dell-inspired list for driver updates:

According to Dell:

The proper order to set up motorists on all portable systems is as complies with:.
Note pad system software program.
Cardbus/ Media card controller.
Bluetooth (if readily available).
Dell Quickset.
Any type of other applications

Whether or not your agree with the order the listing is certainly extensive enough to guarantee that you’ve upgraded all the significant system drivers.

Finally, Ninite was just one of the most popular applications that made repeat looks in the regimens you all shared. We initially covered Ninite in 2009 and also ever since it has actually only grown in popularity. Ninite enables you to batch download applications using a basic checklist format (saving you hours of excavating with all your preferred application’s web sites for download links). Not just does it function well for downloading apps when you first set up the computer system but Johann highlights why you need to keep your Ninite installer application:

Fellow Ninite customers– bear in mind to keep your installer, you can run it once again to upgrade all your mounted software in one hit. You can also set it as a set up job (admin civil liberties) if you like. I do this on all those PCs you obtain stuck ‘taking care of’ for loved ones. What with that said as well as Windows readied to upgrade all MS elements you recognize that a lot of a systems is being regularly covered for any susceptabilities.

For an extra intimate consider all the installation listings ensure to beg the remark string on the original Ask the Readers blog post. Have something to include? It’s not to late too speak up and share your installment wisdom.

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