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6 Ways to Get More Out of Microsoft Whiteboard

If you’ve been utilizing Microsoft Whiteboard, then you will know there’s more to the application than satisfies the eye. Right here are some features, ideas, as well as techniques to help convert you from a Microsoft Whiteboard newbie to a Whiteboard master.

Change the Background Color and also Pattern

A tidy empty whiteboard can be an alluring area to draw whatever you want, but, like a blank piece of paper, it can additionally be a little bit daunting.

White boards allows you transform the history shade to something much more relaxing to the eye than intense white, as well as additionally include geometric patterns so you can position your operate in precisely the right area.

To alter the history, open up the Whiteboard application and afterwards click the three-line “Settings” menu switch in the leading right.

In the food selection that opens up, choose “Format Background.”

Click a color to alter the background from white to something else.

To add a geometric pattern, select one of the visible patterns or hover over them to see instructions arrowheads that let you scroll via extra patterns.

We’ve opted for a retina-pleasing charcoal with the “Hybrid” design in the copying.

To return to the default whiteboard, return right into Settings > > Format Background as well as change the settings to White and also Solid.

Relocate the Toolbar to the Side

Since your whiteboard has the history you want, relocate the toolbar to where you want it. The bottom of the screen isn’t always the easiest place to reach, and also if you have your Windows taskbar readied to instantly hide, it’s frustrating having it pop up every single time you wish to alter your Whiteboard tool.

Let’s relocate the toolbar to the side. Begin by clicking the “Settings” switch in the top right.

In the food selection that opens, select “Toolbar Location.”

Select the place for the toolbar by clicking among the three area options: Left, Right, or Bottom.

We’ve chosen for the Left alternative, so it’s out of the method but very easy to accessibility.

Activate Ink To Shape

People with artistic skills may be able to draw straight lines as well as circles at will, yet a lot of us battle with this. Whiteboard can instantly transform your harsh attempts right into precise shapes if you turn on “Ink To Shape.”

To do this, click the “Settings” button in the top right.

In the menu that opens up, choose the “Ink To Shape” toggle button to activate the feature.

Currently, when you draw a shape, Whiteboard will transform it into something a little a lot more exact.

If you do not want your squiggly lines to be changed with a precise shape, press the CTRL+Z tricks or the “Undo” button on the toolbar to change to your initial illustration.

Ink To Shape presently helps squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, hexagons, pentagons, and also parallelograms.

Lock Images in position

Once you’ve added a photo to your Whiteboard, you can secure it in place to make sure that it does not obtain moved around. This is really beneficial for reference photos, or where you desire the photo to continue to be central to the board no matter what you move it.

Include your image to the board and then resize and position it just how you want. From there, right-click the photo, and also in the context menu, choose “Lock To Background.”

This will protect against the image from being moved or resized. To unlock the image, right-click it once more, and also in the context menu, pick “Unlock From Background.”

Export the Whiteboard as an Image

In the great old days, when we operated in offices with actual whiteboards, you could catch what’s on a whiteboard by taking an image with your phone. The modern equivalent is to export your board as a picture, which is fantastic for contributing to a Wiki, task plan, or documents.

To do capture your white boards, click the three-line “Settings” switch in the leading right.

In the menu that opens up, select “Export.”

Click on one of the available alternatives to select either a PNG or SVG file.

The typical file save discussion will certainly open up. Select a place to save to, a name for the whiteboard, and after that save the picture. The picture of the board will be conserved in the layout you’ve chosen.

Clear the Canvas

Often, what you place on the white boards simply isn’t right. Rather than utilizing the eraser device to by hand remove points, you can destroy everything and also begin once again.

Right-click anywhere on the board, select the three-dots on the “Context” food selection and afterwards pick the “Clear Canvas” switch.

Your board will be free from all web content. A small but good touch is that any type of history format will certainly stay, so you won’t have to redo that prior to getting on with including things to your board.

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