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Accessibility Google Services From the Command Line

Want to reveal your geeky side and also edit your Google Docs or compose a Blogger message from command prompt? Right here’s just how you can access a selection of Google solutions from command line with the GoogleCL.

Getting going

GoogleCL is a Python command line application that allows you access different Google services from command line on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. Here we’ll be making use of the Windows version on Windows 7, yet it would certainly function the precise same on various other systems.

Head over to the download link below, and choose the correct variation for your OS. If you want to run it on Windows, pick the zip data. Ubuntu customers can download and also set up the.deb file.

After downloading and install the zip apply for Windows, essence it as normal and after that run the google.exe program in the folder.

The very first time you run Google CL, it will produce a choices folder at:

%USERPROFILE%. googlecl

On among our examinations, we received an error claiming that MSVCR71.dll was missing out on from our computer, so GoogleCL couldn’t run. This is a C++ runtime collection in Windows, and also most programs that need it include it with their program documents. GoogleCL does not include this DLL in the zip file, so we’ll require to discover a copy for it.

You’ll likely have many copies of this data throughout your computer system, yet GoogleCL can not find them. So, do a computer-wide look for msvcr71.dll, as well as duplicate one of these files it discovers.

Now paste that dll documents in the GoogleCL folder, as well as run google.exe as in the past. Everything should function perfectly this time around.

Utilizing GoogleCL

GoogleCL’s syntax is very simple to utilize as well as comprehend. To begin, you might want to check out the readme.txt file included. Or, just type assistance at the prompt to get some fast guidelines.

You can use GoogleCL to access services on Picasa, Blogger, YouTube, Docs, Contacts, and also Calendar by means of the command line interface, and we would certainly love to see future versions will certainly include assistance for even more products including Gmail and also Search. In the meantime, however, these services are still helpful. Go into help followed by a solution name to see more info about it and also some use examples. Below we see the help for Calendar.

Activating a Service

When you initially use a service, you’ll have to activate your computer with it online. For instance, if we wished to see all the visits in our Calendar, we would certainly go into Calendar checklist. You’ll be asked to define a customer; enter your Gmail email address. After that, you’ll be triggered to authorize the access in your web browser, and the approval page will immediately open in your default web browser.

Click Grant access in the web page that opens, and then press Enter in the GoogleCL home window.

You’ll need to do this for each of the Google services you use. Even closely related services like Contacts and Calendar have to be activated independently. One intriguing facet of this is that you could have various Google account related to different services. Once they’re turned on, however, it’ll be simple to utilize these solutions on this computer.

Utilizing GoogleCL

GoogleCL has tons of functions you can use to communicate with Google’s services. We’ll consider a few of the features we found interesting.


Initially, we tried uploading a record to Docs. To do this, go into:

docs post path_to_your_document

This might take a minute depending on the size of your paper, but once it’s done, you’ll see a success message and also a link to your document.

You’re meant to be able to modify papers by entering:

docs modify– title “your_document”– editor your_editor

However, this really did not work in our examinations, and also we obtained an error message. This should work in the future, and can have been triggered by a problem on our end, yet it would not work in any of our examinations.


GoogleCL worked excellent for uploading video clips to YouTube. When you’ve accredited your account, go into:

youtube article “your_file_path”

Enter a classification name when requested, and also GoogleCL will certainly begin publishing your video clip to YouTube. As usual, this will certainly take a few mins depending on the size of your video clip, yet it’s still quicker than mosting likely to the YouTube web page to publish a video.

Keep in mind that you may see an error if you get in a category that is not available on YouTube. If so, attempt once more, this time going into a correct group.

For your reference, here’s several of the groups you can use from … so make sure you utilize among them.

Blog writer

GoogleCL makes Blogger right into a geekier blog writing solution. You can evaluate, tag as well as also produce brand-new articles on Blogger, all straight from command line. You can write the body of your article in a text data, as well as you can even make use of HTML markup to make the article resemble you desire. To do this, enter the complying with in GoogleCL:

blog owner post– title “your_title” path_to_post_file

Minutes later, we had a new post with the web content from our message documents. We could have posted a long, well formatted HTML blog post, however hey, what’s much better than the traditional nerd welcoming for a geeky blog post?

Final thought

Whether you would certainly such as to swiftly edit Gmail get in touch with information, publish a YouTube video without using the half-cracked Flash uploader, or make a script that instantly makes an article on Blogger when you bang your head on the key-board, GoogleCL gives you the devices you need to do even more with Google than you though possible. That said Google doesn’t have a cloud OS? When you can connect with a webapp via command timely, suddenly it seems like Google is just an additional part of your computer system. We’ve only damaged the surface area of what you can do with GoogleCL; take a look at the instances connect below for more concepts. Let us recognize what geeky tasks you do with GoogleCL!


Download GoogleCL

Check out Example GoogleCL Scripts

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