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Ask How-To Geek: Learning the Office Ribbon, Booting to USB with an Old BIOS, and Snapping Windows

You’ve obtained questions and we’ve got answers. Today we highlight exactly how to understand the new Office interface, USB boot a computer with outdated BIOS, and also snap windows to predetermined places.

Learning the New Office Ribbon

Beloved How-To Geek,

I really feel foolish asking this (taking into account how long the brand-new Office interface has actually been out) but my firm lastly navigated to updating from Windows XP as well as Office 2000 so the new interface it absolutely new to me. Can you suggest any resources for swiftly finding out the Office ribbon and the new modifications? I really feel totally shed after two decades of the old Office interface. Assist!

All the best,

Where the Hell is Everything?

Beloved Where the Hell,

We think most individuals were with you at some point in the last few years. “Where the heck is …” could possibly be the motto for the new ribbon interface. You can browse through a few of the dry tutorials on-line or even get a significant publication on the topic yet the most effective means to find out something brand-new is to get hands on. Bow Hero turns learning the brand-new Office attributes and also ribbon layout right into a video game. It’s no strenuous round of Team Fortress mind you, however it’s substantially more enjoyable than reading a training record. Look into how to mount as well as configure Ribbon Hero below. You’ll be showing your coworkers brand-new methods in no time.

Boot by means of USB with an Old BIOS

Beloved How-To Geek,

I’m attempting to repurpose some old computer systems by updating them with light-weight Linux distros but the BIOS on most of the makers is old as well as creaky. Just how old? It does not also support starting from a USB gadget! I have a huge flash drive that I’ve become a master installment device for work such as this but I can’t use it. The computers concerned have USB ports; they just aren’t identified during the boot procedure. What can I do?

USB Bootin’ in Boise

Beloved USB Bootin’,

It’s fantastic you’re working to breathe life right into old equipment! You’ve run into one of the limitations of older BIOSes, USB was around but nobody was thinking of starting off of it. Thankfully if you have a computer old sufficient to have that sort of BIOS it’s likely to likewise has a drooping drive or a CDROM drive. While you can make a bootable CDROM for your application we comprehend that you intend to maintain making use of the master USB installer you’ve made. Due to that we suggest PLoP Boot Manager. Consider it like a boot manager for your boot manager. Using it you can create a bootable floppy or CDROM that will allow USB booting of your master USB drive. Make a CD and a saggy version and you’ll have every little thing in your toolkit you need for future computer reconditioning tasks. Research developing bootable media with PLoP Boot Manager right here.

Snapping Windows to Preset Coordinates

Beloved How-To Geek,

Once upon a time I had a company laptop that featured a little energy that snapped windows to pre-programmed areas of the screen. This was long before the snap-to-side functions in Windows 7. You can basically configure your screen right into a grid pattern of your deciding on and afterwards windows would neatly break right into those grids. I have no concept what it was called or if was any longer than a trick from the computer maker, but I ‘d really such as to have it on my brand-new computer system!

Bend and also Snap in San Francisco,

Dear Bend and also Snap,

If we had to presume, we ‘d guess your company has to have had a set of laptops from Acer as the program you’re defining audios precisely like Acer GridVista. The good news is for you the application was extremely preferred and Acer launched it separately of their equipment. If, by coincidence, you’ve considering that upgraded to a numerous screen setup the application even supports numerous monitors– much of the setups come in handy for arranging IM home windows and various other complementary communication tools. Take a look at our overview to mounting and also configuring Acer GridVista below to learn more.

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