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Ask HTG: Rebooting Too Frequently, Moving Microsoft Office, Tethering to a WiMax Laptop

Once a week we dip right into our visitor mailbag to answer your tech inquiries. This week we have a look at how you can avoid constant reboots, relocating MS Office, and how to share your laptop computer’s internet connection.

Why Do I Have to Reboot so Often?

Beloved How-To Geek,
I seem like I need to reboot my Windows PC all the time, either due to the fact that I’ve installed new software program or because Windows is constantly updating. This wouldn’t be a massive bargain, yet my computer system takes a while to reboot. Anything I can do to prevent the headache?


Sick of Rebooting in Reno

Dear Sick of Rebooting,

The easy answer is that you do not necessarily require to reboot each time an application asks you to. The majority of the moment it’ll function just fine. If you do not observe anything out of kind there’s a great chance you can postpone the reboot. Check out our treatment of the topic here for a complete diminish on why setup documents are so persistent on rebooting your system as well as why you can usually disregard them.

Moving Office to a New computer

Beloved How-To Geek,

Hi! A while ago I installed Microsoft Office 2010 on my Netbook, nevertheless that was the last computer i had a certificate for (it was Microsoft Office Home & Student and hence certified for approximately three PCs). What I want to recognize is there anyway I can “deregister” the item (as in withdraw the right for that computer– hence getting my item trick back) to make sure that I can mount it on a various PC lawfully?

All the best,

Office Swapping in San Diego

Dear Office Swapping,

There is no explicit click-this-button deactivation for the Office items. Uninstall the product from the gadget that no more requires it, after that mount it on the brand-new maker. Plug in the activation code on the new equipment as well as, if you’re lucky, things will certainly go smoothly and also you won’t need to make any type of call. If things don’t go smoothly, simply call Microsoft Activation at 1-888-652-2342 and discuss the situation. They’ll aid you with any activation issues you have.

Sharing Internet by means of Advertisement Hoc Networking

Dear How-To Geek,
I have a laptop that has 4G WiMAX, but I need to know, do you recognize if there is a means for me to secure this to one more computer since I would actually such as to tether my connection?
All the best,
Tetherer in California

Precious Tetherer,

What you’re trying to find isn’t as much tethering as it is producing an Advertisement Hoc network. What you want is for your laptop to operate as a router of sorts and all your other devices to connect to it. Assuming all your various other gadgets have Wi-Fi it’s a simple solution. To establish an Ad Hoc network for Windows have a look at our thorough overview below. You can likewise read up on setting up a Linux-based Ad Hoc network here as well as a Mac OS X one right here.

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