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Back-up or Transfer Microsoft Office 2007 Quick Parts Between Computers

After checking out a post I wrote over at Lifehacker on just how to make use of the Quick Parts attribute in Outlook, visitor Jason composed in asking just how you can transfer them to an additional computer system once you’ve produced them, as well as it appeared valuable sufficient to clarify for everybody’s advantage.

In case you’ve never seen this attribute before, open up a new e-mail in Outlook 2007 as well as click the Insert tab, then the Quick Parts switch, where you can create or use the quick components.

To learn more on how this attribute functions, you can review my article over at Lifehacker: Save Time and Typing with Outlook 2007’s Quick Parts.

Discovering the File For Backup

Open up traveler and afterwards surf to the complying with folder:

%APPDATA% Microsoft Templates

You need to see a data named NormalEmail.dotm in this folder, which is what you will require to backup or move.

Copy this data to a flash drive, or wherever you would such as.

Moving the File

Discover the exact same directory site on the target/ recover system and after that paste the data in, overwriting the current one. Make certain that you close Outlook or Microsoft Word prior to doing so, otherwise you’ll get an error message.

Open up Outlook, and you need to see the Quick Parts from your other computer system in the checklist:

While screening I transferred the Quick Parts from my Vista computer system over to XP, both running Office 2007.

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