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Beginner: How to Assign Tasks to Other People in Outlook 2010

The Tasks function in Outlook is a fantastic way to monitor what you require to get done, yet it’s likewise a great way to assist team up with others and assign jobs to them. Here’s just how to appoint tasks to other individuals quickly.

Note: the ability to assign jobs to others has actually been around for a while, so you can use it in previous variations out Outlook as well, it’s simply in a slightly different place.

Exactly how to Assign a Task to Someone

There are a couple of means you can assign jobs, including while you’re producing a brand-new task– all you require to do is click “Assign Task” on the Ribbon.

Or while you’re considering the Tasks pane in Outlook, you can right-click on it and also choose Assign Task from the menu. This should work from any of the Tasks views.

Now you just require to get in the e-mail address of the person that you’re appointing the task to.

Then the person you appointed the task to can include it to their list and send updates on it.

If you’re brand-new to Outlook and the Tasks feature, this should obtain you began, as well as do not neglect to delegate your jobs!

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