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Clear Outlook Searches and MRU (Most Recently Used) Lists

One of the mind boggling features of Microsoft Outlook is that despite zillions of settings in the choices, you still can not easily clear exclusive information like MRU listings by using a choice in the UI.

For example, if you are making use of Outlook 2007 there’s the Instant search box on every folder. If you click the drop-down and then pick Recent Searches, you’ll see a list of your latest searches … but there’s no other way to remove it!

This is where the fantastic application OutlookTools enters into the image. It’s a kind of TweakUI for Outlook, and allows you to set up a lots of settings extremely quickly, including the capability to let you clear the MRU listings.

You’ll observe that there are a lot of alternatives you can pick from. Ensure you have the proper account picked in the drop-down listing, and then click the buttons to clear. Odd that there’s no Clear All switch, isn’t it?

You can also get rid of the auto-complete e-mail address cache using a different technique.

Download OutlookTools from HowTo-Outlook

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