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Disabling Instant Search in Outlook 2007

I recognize what you are believing when you check out the title of this short article … why in the world would you intend to disable Instant Search? It’s one of the best brand-new features in Outlook 2007! I concur, but if you are having troubles with it you may be interested how to effectively disable it.

I personally discovered this very helpful when the Instant Search just totally broke. It returned absolutely nothing in all, and I needed to find a message quickly … so I just disabled the index momentarily.

Note: I’m not recommending that you simply go and attempt this. Just use this as a troubleshooting method, and also just if you backup first.

Disable Instant Search

Click the tiny drop-down arrowhead alongside the Instant Search box, and after that select Search Options from the menu.

You’ll see a list of your information documents or.pst data here, and you’ll want to get rid of the checks alongside every one.

When you close the dialog you’ll get an incredibly vast message informing you that you will require to exit as well as re-open Outlook.

Currently when you reboot Outlook, the search will work just like the old variations of Outlook did. That’s right, it will certainly be painfully slow-moving.

To turn around these adjustments you can merely finish the very same actions, but see to it to inspect packages. Keep in mind that when you re-enable Windows will reconstruct the search index once again, so it will not be offered for some time.

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