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Exactly how (and Why) to Start Microsoft Excel from the Command Prompt

You can open Microsoft Excel from the Command Prompt, and also you can likewise add extra parameters to the command to do points like open Excel with a details design template, or launch Excel in Safe Mode for repairing.

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There are numerous methods to begin Excel using Command Prompt, yet if you intend to release Excel in its normal state (that is, similarly that Excel launches when you click the shortcut), then there are two different methods to do that.

Initially, there’s the straightforward means. Open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” in the Windows Search bar as well as clicking the Command Prompt application from the search results.

Command Prompt will open. To introduce Excel, kind this command as well as press Enter:

Excel ought to launch right away.

An additional way to open Excel is by situating the directory site that holds the excel.exe documents, transforming to that directory in Command Prompt, and then running a basic command.

To situate the excel.exe data, you’ll need to be in the Program Files directory site in Command Prompt. You can utilize the cd command to alter the directory. Kind this command in Command Prompt, and then press Enter:

You’ll now be in the Program Files directory. Next, you need to figure out in which directory the excel.exe file lies. To do so, run this command:

The directory of the excel.exe documents will be returned.

Since you understand the directory site where excel.exe is located, navigate to that directory site. Because we’re already in the Program Files directory, we can omit that from the next command. In our instance, we would certainly run this command:

Now that you’re in the right directory site, all that’s delegated do is to kind excel in Command Prompt and press Enter.

Excel will certainly currently open. Nonetheless, the primary purpose of introducing Excel from Command Prompt is to make sure that you can manage how it opens, as well as you do that by adding the different buttons as well as criteria that are offered to the command.

Right here’s a checklist of command switches given by the official Microsoft Office support website. Add these throughout of the start succeed command in Command Prompt.

workbook course|documents name

No switch is called for.

Opens the target documents.


start stand out “c: Example Folder file_name1. xlsx”


start stand out http://MySite/file_name1.xlsx

Opens the target workbook as read-only.


start excel/ r “c: Example Folder file_name1. xlsx”


start stand out/ r http://MySite/file_name1.xlsx

You can also make use of / n instead of / t to achieve the very same result.


start excel/ t “c: Example Folder file_name1. xlsx”


start excel/ t http://MySite/file_name1.xlsx


begin stand out/ a MyProgId.MyProgID2.1

Making use of these commands, you can open up Excel in a number of various ways.

Excel isn’t the only Office program that you can open up with Command Prompt– you can likewise use it to introduce Microsoft Word as well as PowerPoint. The commands can vary between applications, so check out which alternatives are offered each.

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