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Exactly how Do the Windows 8 Store Apps Stack Up Against Android and iPad?

So you want to get a tablet computer– you have a selection between the iPad, Android tablets, and also currently Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets. Windows tablet computers are often one of the most costly. Software application accessibility is crucial when using a tablet.

Since the Windows Store has actually gotten to 70,000 apps and it’s mored than 6 months given that Windows 8 launched, let’s have a look at the Windows Store and also determine just how affordable it is with the other tablet computer systems.

Video clips

Video-playing apps are actually relatively well-represented in the Windows Store. It has apps for Netflix and also Hulu Plus– several of one of the most prominent streaming video services. The Videos application included with Windows 8 allows you to rent out or acquire videos from Microsoft’s video marketplace.

Windows tablets do fairly well here, yet they still can’t stack up to various other platforms. There’s no Amazon Instant Video application (only readily available on the iPad as well as Kindle Fire), main YouTube application, or app for Sony’s Crackle solution. If you sign up for a solution like HBO Go, DirecTV, or Comcast Xfinity, you will not have the ability to stream their videos with a Modern app.


The included Xbox Music application uses complimentary music streaming in Windows 8, which serves. However, if you’re currently invested in one more music solution, you’ll most likely be let down. Streaming songs services like Spotify, Rdio, MOG, as well as Rhapsody are not readily available in the Windows Store. Pandora is only readily available as an informal app.

You’ll discover some prominent services like Slacker and also TuneIn Radio, so it isn’t a total miss out on– but Windows 8’s option of third-party music solutions is relatively bad.

You could try listening to these solutions in an internet browser via the Internet Explorer application, but the music will quit playing when the internet browser goes into the history. If you want to listen to Spotify on a Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet computer, you’ll be doing it in an internet browser on the desktop.

Checking out

The Windows Store actually has a great selection of eBook services, with main applications available for Amazon Kindle, NOOK, and also Kobo. If you intend to use your tablet for checking out digital books, Windows 8 can do it.

The shop can be a little bit limiting if you want other services. There’s no app for the Flipboard information visitor, which is hugely preferred on iOS and Android. There are no official apps for read-it-later applications services like Pocket as well as Instapaper. There are definitely RSS viewers as well as read-it-later applications– which probably will not incorporate with any one of your existing solutions or be as sleek.


The Windows Store does have an option of basic tablet video games. Relying on how much you play games, you may be happy with the time-wasters readily available, which include prominent games like Angry Birds as well as Cut the Rope.

Sadly, also the selection below is restricting. While two follows up to Cut the Rope have actually been launched for iOS and Android, just the first is offered in the Windows Store. When it concerns Angry Birds, just Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars are readily available in the Windows Store. Nonetheless, they are each $5, while they’re complimentary on other systems.

If you want a tablet for video gaming, it’s hardly also a competition– the iPad is out in front. For example, Telltale’s critically-acclaimed Walking Dead video game is readily available for Windows desktop, Mac, Xbox, PS3, PlayStation Vita– and also iPad. It’s not even out on Android, so it’s unlikely to ever before make its way to Windows 8 in a touch-optimized kind. Numerous prominent video games are just ever launched on iOS. Lots of various other video games are launched on Android a lot later on. And the Windows Store is way behind Android’s Google Play when it pertains to touch-optimized tablet computer video games.


Windows RT tools come with Microsoft Office, however it just works with the desktop computer– it’s not a touch-optimized user interface. Windows 8 gadgets don’t come with Office, although it can certainly be purchased and set up.

You might anticipate that, given the Windows system’s background as a performance platform, the Windows Store would certainly be strong when it concerns productivity applications. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be further from the reality.

While Microsoft uses a Modern app for OneNote, all the other workplace applications are missing out on at work in the new environment. The Windows Store isn’t much help either. A search for “workplace” brings up an app for Office Depot and numerous desktop office applications. The very same search on Google Play brings up over seven various tablet-optimized workplace performance apps on the first web page alone.

If you wish to use totally touch-optimized office applications, you’re far better off with an iPad or Android tablet computer– at least till Microsoft launches Windows Store versions of its Office applications.

The Windows 8 as well as RT experience offers some special advantages, such as the ability to utilize full Microsoft office as well as the capacity to utilize numerous applications side-by-side. However, extremely couple of performance apps are available in the new, “Modern” user interface.

Social Apps

So exactly how is social-networking on Windows 8? The People application offers some assimilation with Twitter and Facebook, yet allowed’s concentrate on full applications.

Twitter uses a main app in the Windows Store. Nevertheless, the choice gets slim afterwards– there are no main Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, or Tumblr applications.

The Windows Store doesn’t aid its very own case, as look for these apps (and other common ones) bring up several poor-quality applications while the exact same searches done on various other systems raise higher-quality apps. This adds to a perception that the Windows Store has lots of junk.

You could obviously utilize the social media’s site in your internet browser, yet you’ll give up the benefits of real-time floor tiles, the capability to make use of the social media in the sidebar while you surf (as only one internet browser app can be running at a time), and also push notifications, so the experience simply isn’t the exact same.

Various other Services

Google services are undoubtedly well-represented on Android, Google’s very own platform, but Google’s apps are additionally well-represented on the iPad.

However, Google and also Windows 8 don’t play well with each other. There’s an official Google Search app and a Google Chrome web browser (which only works on Windows 8, not Windows RT), yet that’s it. You can review your Gmail in the barebones Mail application included with Windows 8, however you can not even see your Google Calendar in the Calendar app anymore. Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Calendar– these are all solutions you’ll be utilizing in a browser, and not with a specialized app, if you choose a Windows tablet.

Many various other services are also missing at work, consisting of an application for the prominent Mint internet site that helps you monitor your cash. It isn’t all bad– Dropbox supplies a Windows 8 app so you can remain to utilize your Dropbox account as well as not come to be purchased SkyDrive, as an example.

Touch-based photo editors aren’t also represented on Windows 8 and are no place near as powerful as the applications you can get on an iPad or perhaps an Android tablet.

To conclude

Over 70,000 apps and also greater than 6 months later, Microsoft still has a great deal of work to do to turn Windows 8 right into a reliable tablet platform. It’s simply premature– lots of prominent and essential applications are unavailable and a lot of the readily available applications aren’t as mature as the options offered for various other tablet platforms.

The number of applications isn’t one of the most crucial point– 70,000 would be sufficient if they were the top quality ones people wanted– it’s about which applications are offered. When you begin looking at the Windows Store, it’s clear that making use of a Windows computer as a tablet computer will include lots of compromises.

Certainly, you may enjoy Windows on a tablet and also be fine with the minimal software program available for it. You may choose the Windows tablet user interface (which offers genuine multitasking) and also the style of the user interface formerly referred to as Metro. Windows on tablet computers has a lot alike with Linux on desktops at the moment. Whether you’re purchasing a Windows tablet computer or mounting Linux on a desktop, you should know that you’re surrendering an entire wealth of available software.

One point’s for sure– the Windows Store requires to be a much stronger offering. It’s not a surprise that Windows RT tools aren’t offering very well when they’re as pricey as an iPad (or more costly) and have so few apps readily available.

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