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Exactly how do You Remove the Unused Parts of Cropped Screenshots in Microsoft Office Documents?

When you add a screenshot to a Microsoft Office document and crop it, you probably offer no more idea to the unused sections, however did you know that they are still there as well as could posture a safety risk if they contain delicate info? Today’s SuperUser Q&An assists a worried visitor maintain just those parts of the screenshots required while completely getting rid of the remainder.

Today’s Question & Answer session involves us courtesy of SuperUser– a subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q&An internet site.

The Question

SuperUser reader user462760 wants to know how to stop Microsoft Office from retaining the unused parts of cropped screenshots in files:

I made a worrying discovery that after chopping a screenshot in Word, PowerPoint, as well as likely various other Microsoft Office programs, the extra parts of chopped screenshots are retained. This has actually made me rather paranoid as I regularly take screenshots and crop them to reveal the appropriate item of info prior to sending the documents off to others.

I had presumed that when I saved a paper, the unused parts of cropped images were discarded, but checking out job from years earlier, I can still uncrop the extra parts of the photos to see the initial screenshots in their totality.

Exists a means to disable this? This seems like an outrageous safety and security flaw.

Exists a way to stop Microsoft Office from retaining the extra components of cropped screenshots in files?

The Answer

SuperUser factor Steven has the response for us:

Delete Cropped Areas of a Picture

Even after you crop parts of a photo, the cropped parts stay as component of the photo file. You can decrease the data size by eliminating the croppings from the picture data. It is also an excellent suggestion to do this to aid stop other individuals from seeing the parts of the image that you have eliminated.

Important: This can not be undone. Consequently, you must just do this after you are sure that you have made all the crops and also modifications that you desire.

1. Click the image or photos that you want to discard undesirable details from.

2. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Compress Pictures.

Note: If you do not see the Picture Tools as well as Format tabs, make certain that you chose a photo. You might have to double-click the picture to pick it as well as open the Format tab.

3. Under Compression Options, choose the Delete chopped areas of images check box. To remove croppings for the picked picture or images only as well as not every one of the pictures in the file, pick the Apply just to this photo check box.

Suggestion: For more information about decreasing the file dimension of the pictures and also compressing images, see Reduce the file dimension of a picture.

Resource: Delete cropped areas of image (Crop an image or a shape with a picture fill)– Microsoft

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