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Exactly how to Change the Default File Format for Saving in Word, Excel, as well as PowerPoint 2016

If you’re making use of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint 2016 and you typically share your data with individuals utilizing older variations, it can get laborious to choose the alternative for conserving data in the old style whenever. Below’s how to alter the default file style for the Save dialog.

We’ll utilize Excel as an example of changing this setting, yet it functions the same way in Word as well as PowerPoint.

To begin, open an existing Office file or produce a new one. Then, click the “File” tab.

On the backstage display, click “Options” in the checklist of things left wing.

The “Excel Options” dialog box display screens. Click “Save” in the checklist of things on the left.

In the “Save workbooks” area left wing, select an option from the “Save documents in this format” drop-down checklist. In our instance, we selected “Excel 97-2003 Workbook (*. xls)”, however there are numerous options, such as macro-enabled workbooks, various sorts of Excel templates, and also even actually old versions of Excel.

NOTE: This only functions when saving brand-new files created after you transform this setup. If you wish to conserve an existing Word, Excel, or PowerPoint data in a different format, you must still manually pick that format on the “Save As” dialog box.

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