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Exactly How to Count Colored Cells in Microsoft Excel

Using color in Microsoft Excel can be a terrific method to make information attract attention. So if a time comes when you wish to count the number of cells you’ve colored, you have a couple of methods to do it.

Perhaps you have cells tinted available quantities, product numbers, postal code, or something similar. Whether you’ve manually used color to emphasize cells or their message or you’ve established a conditional format policy to do so, the following two methods to count those cells function wonderful.

Count Colored Cells Using Find

This very first technique for counting colored cells is the quickest of the two. It does not include placing a function or formula, so the matter will just be presented for you to see and also videotape manually if you wish.

Select the cells you intend to deal with and also head to the Home tab. In the Editing area of the bow, click “Find & Select” as well as select “Find.”

When the Find and Replace window opens up, click “Options.”

Known formatting: If you understand the accurate formatting you utilized for the tinted cells, for instance, a certain green fill, click “Format.” Then use the Font, Border, and also Fill tabs in the Find Format window to select the shade format and also click “OK.”

Unknown format: If you’re not exactly sure of the precise color or used multiple format kinds like a fill shade, border, and font shade, you can take a different course. Click the arrowhead alongside the Format button as well as select “Choose Format From Cell.”

When your cursor changes to an eyedropper, relocate to among the cells you wish to count and also click. This will place the format for that cell right into the sneak peek.

Using either of the above two ways to enter the layout you’re seeking, you need to next off check out your sneak peek. If it looks correct, click “Find All” at the end of the home window.

When the home window expands to present your outcomes, you’ll see the rely on all-time low left as “X Cell(s) Found.” As well as there’s your matter!

You can additionally review the specific cells in the bottom portion of the home window, simply over the cell matter.

Count Colored Cells Using a Filter

If you plan to readjust the data over time and also wish to maintain a cell dedicated to your colored cell count, this 2nd method is for you. You’ll make use of a combination of a feature and also a filter.

Allow’s begin by including the feature, which is SUBTOTAL. Go to the cell where you wish to display your count. Go into the following, replacing the A2: A19 referrals with those for your own series of cells, and also struck Enter.

The number 102 in the formula is the mathematical indicator for the COUNT feature.

As a fast check to make sure you entered the feature properly, you ought to see a count of all cells with data as the outcome.

Currently it’s time to apply the filter function to your cells. Select your column header and go to the Home tab. Click “Sort & Filter” and also pick “Filter.”

This positions a filter switch (arrowhead) beside each column header. Click the one for the column of colored cells you intend to count and also move your arrow to “Filter by Color.” You’ll see the colors you’re using in a pop-out food selection, so click the color you intend to count.

When you consider your subtotal cell, you should see the matter change to just those cells for the shade you picked. As well as you can pop right back up to the filter button and also select a various color in the pop-out food selection to promptly see those counts too.

After you complete getting counts with the filter, you can remove it to see all of your information again. Click the filter button as well as choose “Clear Filter From.”

If you’re already making the most of shades in Microsoft Excel, those colors can come in convenient for more than simply making information stand out.

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