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Exactly how to Create a Combo Chart in Excel

A combo chart in Excel shows two graph types (such as column and also line) on the very same chart. They are made use of to show different types of information on a solitary graph, such as actuals against a target.

In this write-up, we’ll demonstrate just how to make a combination chart that follows the very same axis as well as one that displays blended types of data in a single chart on a various axis.

Insert a Combo Chart with a Single Axis

In the first instance, we will certainly produce a combo graph to reveal month-to-month income versus a target making use of the sample information listed below.

You can see that the target value coincides each month. The outcome will certainly show the information as a straight line.

To start, select the variety of cells you intend to chart– A1: C13 in this example. Next off, click Insert > > Insert Combo Chart. Select “Clustered Column– Line.”

The combination chart is put with both the column as well as line using the very same axis. Easy as that!

You can make more enhancements to the chart now, like transforming the chart title. Click the chart title box and also begin inputting to change the words “Chart Title” with something better. As you type, the message will certainly show up in the formula bar over.

Press the Enter key, and Excel saves the entered message as the chart title.

Put a Combo Chart with Two Axes

Using the sample data shown below, allow’s produce a combo graph to show the monthly earnings and also the advertisement budget on the exact same chart.

Select array A1: C13. Click Insert > > Combo Chart. Select the “Clustered Column– Line on Secondary Axis” graph.

The inserted graph appears like this.

Modification an Existing Chart to a Combo Chart

We have taken a look at two instances of creating a combination chart from spreadsheet data, however recognizing how to edit an existing chart can also work.

Below is a gathered column chart produced from the income as well as ad budget data.

The graph has one axis, as well as you can hardly see the advertisement budget plan columns on the chart. Allow’s change this to a combination graph by creating a secondary axis for the ad budget information and altering its chart type to a line.

To start, right-click on the information collection you want to alter (advertisement budget plan in this example). Next off, select “Change Series Chart Type.”

Now, examine the “Secondary Axis” box for the data collection you want to produce an axis for. Select Line from the “Chart Type” list for that information collection.

The chart is changed to a combo graph.

You can then make other improvements to the combo chart, such as editing the graph title or labeling the axis.

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