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Exactly How to Create Fillable Forms with Microsoft Word

Creating types with Microsoft Word is very easy, however the challenge comes in when you determine to create fillable forms with options that you can send to people and also have them submit digitally. Whether you require a form for collecting details regarding individuals or if you are trying to take a survey to evaluate out customer response to software or a brand-new item, MS Word has the solution for you.

Note: the screenshots in this tutorial are from Word 2010 however this need to work the exact same in Word 2013.

Make It Possible For the Developer Tab

In order to produce fillable forms, you will need to begin by allowing the programmer tab by clicking on the “File” drop-down menu and then pick “Options.” Open up the “Customize Ribbon” tab as well as select the “Main Tabs” option under “Customize the Ribbon.”

Currently you will require to choose the “Developer” box as well as press “OK.”

Once you have actually done this, you will observe that an extra menu has been included in the top of the screen with numerous brand-new developer choices.

To Template, or otherwise to Template?

There are 2 primary choices to begin with your form production. Option one is simple to use if you can discover a theme that fits your demands. To discover design templates, Click on the “File” food selection, pick “New.” You will certainly see many premade themes offered for download. Merely click “Forms” and browse the choice of themes to discover one that fits your demands.

When you have located your layout, just download it and modify the form as needed.

Since that is the simple means and also you may not be able to locate a design template that fits your requirements, we will certainly talk about the very best means to produce kinds from scratch. Begin by navigating to the layout choices once more, however rather than selecting a pre-made type, choose “My Templates.”

Currently you will certainly require to click the “Templates” check-circle and then press “OK” to produce an empty theme. Lastly, press “Ctrl + S” to save the document. We will certainly call it, “Form Template 1”.

Occupy the Form

Since you have a blank design template, you are ready to begin adding information to the kind. The form we will develop in this example is a simple kind to collect info about individuals who load them out. First, you will require to go into the fundamental concerns. For this tutorial, we will certainly attempt to get the complying with details:

Click on the “Developer” tab which you added earlier as well as under the “Controls” area, select “Design Mode” to start producing various control choices. If you want to see what it appears like at work, remember to deselect the “Design Mode” choice.

Text Sections

For any answers that require a message based answer, you can add message areas. You will certainly do this by picking the Rich Text Content Control(allows individuals to modify format) or the Plain Text Content Control(only permits ordinary text without format) option.

Let’s allow a rich message feedback for question 9, and after that an ordinary text action for concern 1, 5, 6, as well as 10.

Remember that you can edit the message in the material control boxes to match the inquiries by clicking in them and also inputting as seen in the photo over.

Add a Date Selection Option

If you need to add days, you can add the “Date Picker Content Control.” Let’s Use this as well as add it to question 3.

Put a Drop-Down List with Options

For inquiries that just permit one response such as numbers (concern 2), a drop-down list comes in handy. We will certainly include straightforward checklist as well as populate it with age ranges. You will certainly require to include the material control box, right-click on it, and select the “Properties” choice. Next off, click add to add age arrays.

When you are done, it needs to look something such as this (Design Mode Disabled).

Additionally, you can include a “Combo Box,” which will certainly enable you to add any choices you desire, along with enable customers to get in extra message if required. Allow’s add a combination box to inquiry 7. Because it is a combination box, individuals will certainly be able to pick a choice and kind why they such as the shade.

Include Check Boxes

For the 4th question, we will certainly include check box choices. You will certainly first enter your choices (man and female). Currently you can add the check box web content control after each option.

Repeat the process for any type of other inquiries that need several choices. We will include check boxes to examine 8 as well. We will likewise add a simple text response box for any type of garnishes not provided.


The completed empty form should appear like the photos below depending upon whether you have style setting enabled or handicapped.


you have actually simply discovered the fundamentals of producing interactive forms. Feel free to download our completed sample kind if required. You can send out the DOTX documents to individuals and when they open it, it will instantly open up a normal word document that they can complete as well as send out to you since the layout is automatically used. Picture Credit: Ben Ward on Flickr

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