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Exactly How to Create Progress Bars in Excel With Conditional Formatting

Progress bars are pretty much ubiquitous nowadays; we’ve even seen them on some water colders. A progress bar supplies immediate comments on an offered process, so why not bring a few of that graphical flair right into your spreadsheet, using Excel’s Conditional Formatting function?

Development Bars in Excel 2010

“Bar-type” conditional format has been around because Excel 2007. Yet Excel 2007 would only make bars with a slope– bench would certainly get paler as well as paler in the direction of completion, so even at 100% it wouldn’t actually appear like 100%. Excel 2010 addresses this by including Solid Fill bars that preserve one color all throughout. These are optimal for creating progress bars.

Developing The Bar

The first thing you have to do is go into a numerical worth right into the cell you would certainly such as to format. You can either get in the worth directly or utilize a formula. In our instance I’ll simply type it in.

Keep in mind exactly how I made the column bigger; you don’t always have to do this, however it does assist make the bar look more like a “bar” (and also not simply a colored cell).

Now click Conditional Formatting, choose Data Bars as well as click More Rules.

In the New Formatting Rule dialog examine package that claims Show Bar Only (so the number doesn’t appear in the cell). Under Minimum and Maximum, select Type as Number. After that, set the Value to the minimum (start) worth of your scale as well as optimum (the top of your bar, completion of the procedure). We’ll just choose 0 and also 100, however you could set this to anything that benefits you.

Currently allow’s set up the Bar Appearance. See to it the Fill is Solid Fill as well as pick the shade you would certainly such as to make use of. When you’re done, the dialog must look comparable to this:

Now click OK, and you’re done! Now you ought to have a beautiful, crisp progress bar embellishing your spreadsheet.

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