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Exactly how to Edit or Remove Data in a PowerPoint Chart

Data patterns change with time. Therefore, you might need to edit or eliminate information from a graph in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to reflect those adjustments. Doing so is a sensibly uncomplicated procedure. Right here’s just how to do it.

Editing and Removing Data from a PowerPoint Chart

Open up PowerPoint and also head over to the slide that contains the graph or chart. When there, choose the chart.

Now, right-click the graph. From the context menu that appears, choose the “Edit Data” command.

A tiny spread sheet will certainly show up. Right here, you can choose the cell that contains the data you wish to modify and after that type whatever brand-new worth you desire in your graph.

The graphic will certainly change accordingly. If you want to entirely remove information from the chart, choose the row that contains the data, right-click the row header, and then select the “Delete” command from the context menu.

The information will after that be removed from the graph.

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