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Exactly How to Get Rid of the Paste Options Box in Word 2013

When you copy text from one area in brief file to an additional, Word favorably shows a “Paste Options” box right at the end of whatever you pasted. This tool permits you to pick what to do pertaining to the format of the message being pasted.

As an example, when you paste some message, you can choose to “Keep Source Formatting” (protects the format of the initial text), “Merge Formatting” (adjustments the formatting of the pasted message to match the text that borders it), or “Keep Text Only” (eliminates all original format from the pasted text). Various alternatives present on the “Paste Options” box relying on the resource of the duplicated text. You can also transform the default paste setting.

If the “Paste Options” box is sidetracking to you, it can quickly be handicapped. To do so, click the “File” tab.

In the list of products on the left, click “Options.”

On the “Word Options” dialog box, click “Proofing” in the listing of products left wing.

Scroll down to the “Cut, copy, and paste” area and also choose the “Show Paste Options switch when content is pasted” so there is NO check mark in package.

Click “ALRIGHT” to approve the adjustment and shut the “Word Options” dialog box.

Despite the fact that you’ve turned off the “Paste Options” box, you can still access the “Paste Options” by clicking the lower-half of the “Paste” switch on the “Home” tab.

If you do not want to disable the “Paste Options” box totally, you can push “Esc” to dismiss it when it displays.

This treatment likewise benefits disabling the “Paste Options” box in Excel and PowerPoint.

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